12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas! Hunting ammunition

Luke Cuenco 12.21.21

12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas!  Hunting ammunition

Hunting ammunition can come in many forms. While our grandfathers and maybe even our fathers had to be content with using soft tip or pure lead projectiles to kill game, today we have many more options when it comes to ammunition hunting. Ammunition such as controlled fracture hollow points, extremely dense molded bullets, and high performance hollow points can make a huge difference in how quickly the animal you just shot will descend. Having a good shot placement is always the key, but your ammo could also keep you from injuring an animal unnecessarily or worse, causing them to bleed and never be found. Today, for the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas, we’re going to take a look at some of the best hunting ammo you can pick up for your next deer blind trip.

12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas! Hunting ammunition

Non-typical Federal White Tail, .450 Bushmaster

Federal® Non-Typical Whitetail Ammo uses an optimized hollow point bullet with a concentric casing to provide punching precision and consistent, lethal wound channels on any deer. 450 Bushmaster is also a popular hunting ammunition cartridge for pigs due to its heavy bullet weight capable of piercing the thick skin of pigs.

Federal American Eagle Varmint & Predator, .308 Winchester

With exceptional terminal ballistics and explosive expansion at the impact site, these Federal American Eagle bullets are uniquely designed to eliminate your vermin and predator problems, at a fantastic price. By combining precision, reliability and consistency shot after shot, this ammunition is a must-have for avid hunters and high volume shooters. Plus, every round has incredibly reliable federal primers for a great shot, every time.

12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas!  Hunting ammunition

  • Combines precision, consistency and reliability for a great shot, every time
  • Rechargeable brass
  • Reliable federal primers
  • Exceptional terminal ballistics and explosive expansion at the impact site
  • Ideal for high volume shooters and hunters
  • $ 58.99 per box of 40 cartridges at Sportsman’s Guide

Federal Swift Scirocco II 7mm Rem Mag rifle ammunition

Push effective range to new extremes while delivering a deadlier blow on impact with Federal Premium Swift Scirocco II loads. The streamlined polymer tip bullet design and high ballistic coefficient produce flat trajectories while retaining more speed and energy downstream. Aided by its polymer tip, the bonded Scirocco II expands at minimum speeds while providing high weight retention at close range.

12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas!  Hunting ammunition

  • 150 grains
  • Poly point bullet
  • 3,050 fps
  • Patented polymer tip improves ballistics and initiates low velocity expansion
  • Advanced secant warhead maximizes ballistic coefficient
  • Tapered copper sheath bonded to lead core
  • High weight retention at close range
  • Develops reliably at low speed for a long range terminal effect
  • $ 62.49 at Natchez Shooters Supplies

Winchester Varmint X .223 Rem rifle ammunition

Winchester Varmint X Rifle ammo is highly recommended for determined vermin hunters as this ammo works best for long range shooting. Unlike other ammunition, Winchester Varmint X rifle ammo deals a killing blow to the target. These ammunition are created with a polymer coating at the tip to improve the accuracy of fire. This allows the tip to point accurately at the target, providing a clearer shot overall. The bullet automatically disintegrates when it hits the surface of the target’s body, giving vermin and associated predators a deadly blasting effect.

12 days of OutdoorHub on the 12th day of Christmas!  Hunting ammunition



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