Do you like toilet humor? Visit the Museum of Historic Sanitary Objects

If things like toilets and pistons tickle your fancy, then Klo and So’s Museum of Historic Sanitary Objects is definitely for you. Sanitary objects such as toilets are essential in our daily life; we cannot live or imagine our life without them. It is therefore important to know their history and how sanitary objects have […]


As Alabama Hunting Seasons Peak, Keep Safety Front | News

4. Follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for using a full body harness and carrier. 5. Follow the three point rule of tree safety. Always have three points of contact with the steps or ladder before moving. This can be two arms and one leg holding and walking on the ladder or one arm and […]


Firearms stolen in Christmas Eve burglary in Montrose, Colorado

Authorities in Montrose are asking the public for help in solving a crime on Christmas Eve. As many people prepared to open gifts on Christmas Eve, someone opened something that didn’t belong to them – a pawnshop. Maybe you can help the authorities in Montrose solve this crime. The pawnshop robbery According to the Montrose […]


Vista Outdoor acquires Stone Glacier and expands its arsenal of hunting brands

December 28, 2021 | By Mary Murphy Support us! GearJunkie can earn a small commission on affiliate links in this article. Learn more. Home »News» Vista Outdoor acquires Stone Glacier and enriches its arsenal of hunting brands Vista Outdoor ends the year with a major acquisition of Stone Glacier, a popular backcountry hunting brand. Today, […]


Trees of Life: A Flooded Forest Duck Hunting Adventure

To kick off our brand new Classics issue, we’ll be posting all week stories about timeless adventures, iconic gear and, of course, historic guns. We hope you will enjoy it. Stay classy, ​​everyone. We wait with the old men, each rooted in the mud, worn and furrowed. At the onset of the light, their limbs […]


Lytle Police Chief Uses Humor To Connect With Community

When a shoplifter steals dandruff shampoo from a local store or a motorist is arrested for multiple misdemeanors, Lytle Police Chief Richard “Richey” Priest keeps his community informed with wry humor and folkloristic and unpretentious behavior. For at least 10 years, Priest has published weekly written reports recapping crimes, arrests and traffic stops in his […]


Men with a gun weren’t hunting, the judge decides

Two friends accused of illegally hunting in the RM of Piney were acquitted of all charges in Steinbach Provincial Court last Thursday in a case which depended on the legal definition of hunting. Judge Catherine Carlson said the Crown’s case against Richard Gilbert Fontaine and Garrison Jeffrey Lohr-Mansbridge left her in doubt that they were […]


Celia Rivenbark’s Holiday Humor: Your Guide to These Confusing Party Dress Rules

It’s the holidays and now that we’re (mostly) back to face-to-face gatherings, it’s time to revisit those confusing dress code instructions. What is the beach casual about? Or a creative black tie? Or business casual or cocktail attire or, uh, sporty casual? I have no idea. What? Did you think it was going to be […]