50 “parenting humor memes” that perfectly sum up what it’s like to have children

Dear Pandas, being a parent is one of the biggest and most fun challenges you will face in your life. From overflowing pride when your child says their first words for a moment to cleaning spaghetti and meatball stains from the ceiling, being responsible for another human being is as exciting as it is exhausting. And even though each family is unique, many parents can still relate because the difficulties are similar.

That’s where the Parental Humor Memes Facebook group comes in. It’s a community of over 630,000 members that celebrates the funniest and toughest parts of being a parent. If you have kids or know someone who does, then these are sure to make you nod and laugh.

Scroll down for some memes you’ll want to send to all your parent friends, and for bored panda interview about being a parent with relationship expert and father of two, Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man.

Founded in January 2021, the “Parental Humor Memes” group has amassed over half a million members in just over a year. This makes one thing perfectly clear: people love jokes. And there is no humor without being able to identify with it. We laugh at the familiar, after all.

With hundreds of new members joining every week, the team that runs the group from behind the scenes insists everyone plays by the rules. They’re pretty simple, and it’s something you’d expect to see in any large social media group.

The admins who run the page ask members to only post relevant memes. If it has nothing to do with parenthood, the post will not be approved. Sure, the meme might be awesome, but it could be from another awesome band’s stream.

Additionally, members are requested to post one meme at a time and be courteous to everyone at all times. There is no tolerance for bullying. There is no place for hate speech. It’s that simple.

Relationship expert Dan, who is a father of two, told Bored Panda how to know if you’re ready to have kids, what parenthood entails, and why it’s important to love patiently.

“Billions of people have had children when they weren’t ready and managed to get by. It’s not easy and it adds a lot of work to your daily life when you’re young, but it can be done,” he said. It’s a challenge, yes, but one that many people can meet head-on.

“When you have a family unit that loves each other, you really feel like you belong somewhere. Some people already have that feeling because they were born into a big family, but a lot of people don’t come from a big family. ‘a close and loving family,” he told Bored Panda. Creating your family means you have a strong support structure.

“When you have your own family, you find a place where you are loved, needed and belong. You also have the opportunity to create a loving, close family that sticks together and supports each other for life,” Dan said. .

“It’s an exciting and rewarding opportunity that you just can’t get to if you don’t have kids. That said, I wouldn’t recommend having kids just for fun, or to hopefully make a relationship happier,” the relationship expert cautioned that having kids is a big step. You have to want to have children for the right reasons.

“The ‘bundle of joy’ they talk about in ad campaigns is mostly a ploy to inspire more people to have kids, so they get more customers for their products,” Dan said. “In reality, a baby is more like a ‘package of work’ for the first two years because he cries a lot which is not fun to listen to and he is also completely dependent on you for everything, 24/7. days out of 7.”

Patience, according to Dan, is the key to being a good parent. “If you can love patiently and also have a great, vibrant relationship with your wife, then you will build a loving family unit that will then reward you with a lifetime of happy times and treasured memories,” he said.

“You can still enjoy life without having kids, but you just won’t be able to experience what it’s like to have your own family who truly loves you, needs you, and wants you in their life” , noted Dan. opens a whole new dimension to his life. However, that doesn’t mean that someone’s quality of life is “worse” if they end up not having children. People’s definitions of who their family members are can be very different.

So, dear Pandas, which of these memes did you like the most? Which ones did you find most relevant? What do you think are the biggest challenges parents face? Share your thoughts and feel free to say how difficult (but rewarding!) parenthood is in the comments.