A deranged man shoots his brother dead with a shotgun in northeast Afghanistan

Local officials in Takhar province in northeast Afghanistan said a mentally ill man killed his brother with a hunting weapon.

The incident happened on Friday evening July 30 in Shortaghai village of Khwaja Bahauddin district of Takhar province in northeastern Afghanistan, according to local sources.

Confirming the accuracy of the information from local sources, the Taliban press liaison officer for the Takhar province police bureau, Abdul Matin Safi, said the victim’s name was Juma-Gul and that he had been assassinated by his brother, Sahar-Gul.

The Taliban official allegedly mentioned that a shotgun had been used in the killing and that the perpetrator suffered from mental illness.

According to Safi, the attacker fled. An investigation is still underway to try to determine the motive for the crime, still unknown to this day.

With the rise to power of the Taliban and Afghanistan experiencing its highest levels of unemployment, poverty and hunger, the rate of domestic violence has increased leading to an increase in murders, suicides, family disputes and hostilities interpersonal and family.

Despite security assurances from the Taliban that the group has been able to maintain the safety of the country and its citizens, inexplicable and persistent killings and other crimes continue in various parts of the country.