A man uses a shotgun to kill 6 family members in northern Afghanistan

Using a shotgun, a man allegedly murdered six family members and another man in Panjshir province in northern Afghanistan, according to local sources.

According to Panjshir sources, the incident happened on the night of Friday, August 12 in Pojava area of ​​Dara district.

According to the informant, when his teacher neighbor Humayun tried to intervene and stop him from killing his family, the man also shot him dead.

According to their sources, some national media claimed that the man, Abdullah, was mentally ill.

There is still no explanation as to what prompted this man to shoot his family members with a shotgun, as according to the source the mental health of the killer was not very serious.

The rate of domestic violence has increased since the Taliban came to power, and Afghanistan is currently experiencing its worst levels of unemployment, poverty and famine. This has led to an increase in the rate of homicides, suicides and family disputes.

Despite the Taliban’s claims that they have been able to keep the country and its people safe, mysterious and recurring killings and other despicable acts continue in many provinces of the country.