Amazing Chicken Adventures brings humor and eggs to Xbox

Only one person can approve a product that runs a successful PC release and puts it on consoles. So we got our hands on Piotr Rochala, an indie developer from Poland, who created Amazing Chicken Adventures.

Today marks the anniversary of The Amazing Chicken Adventures sequel. The DVD was released for the Xbox platform in 2021.

What’s the point about that? If you’re not popping your eggs into pieces, the math is a real question. On a wide variety of levels, the fiercest sand desert roads and the harsh desert, the voxel is the main threat. The goal is to crush the egg with an end goal – using various tools to relieve all obstacles and then prevent it from falling too far and spilling your potential offspring onto the ground.

Sometimes things have to get really hot, especially when you’re rolling an egg on a tight beam that’s going through a canyon. Along with your time with Amazing Chicken Adventures, you’ll have beautiful classical music from Mozart and Beethoven. Your chicken can have hilarious hats to soften the blow when you can, well, get all those eggs out of those bowls.

More detailed features are available, including:

  • Quirky loot From silly hats and powerful weapons, to finding treasure and durable battery-powered chicken tech.
  • To explore and unlock a story, and don’t forget to put your egg in a basket.
  • A unique art style Inspired by Eastern European folklore, and wanting to explore the whole world, I spent hours polishing the pixels!
  • Classical Music Featuring public domain recordings of European classical music. Stop dropping eggs and then relax to the sound of music from Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and more.
  • Coop for players 2 players Since every hero must have a charlatan.

And that couch co-op addition that can really see Asked Chicken Adventures become another go-to title when friends are around. It’s in the vein of popular cooperative novels like PHOGS! for example. If you want to buy a copy of a given edition of Xbox One, the store has the cheapest price of 20.49. Alternatively, the game is available on PC.

Description of the game:

Start an adventure where gravity is your biggest enemy, so save the world one egg at a time! With classical music, broken eggs, unsuitable for chickens and mandatory funny hats.