As Alabama Hunting Seasons Peak, Keep Safety Front | News

4. Follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for using a full body harness and carrier.

5. Follow the three point rule of tree safety. Always have three points of contact with the steps or ladder before moving. This can be two arms and one leg holding and walking on the ladder or one arm and two legs in contact with the ladder before moving. Be careful as rain, frost, ice or snow can make the steps extremely slippery. Check your walking safety before putting your weight on it.

6. Always hunt with a plan and, if possible, a buddy. Before you leave the house, let others know your exact hunting location, when you plan to return, and who is accompanying you.

7. Always have emergency signaling devices such as cell phone, walkie-talkie, whistle, flare, PLD (personal tracking device) and flashlight at all times and within easy reach. even when you are suspended in your fall arrest system. Watch for changing weather conditions. In the event of an incident, remain calm and call for help immediately.

8. Always select the appropriate tree to use with your tree stand. Select a live, upright tree that matches the size limits recommended in your tree stand’s instructions. Do not climb or place a tripod against a leaning tree.

9. Never leave a tree stand installed for more than two weeks, as damage could result from changing weather conditions and / or other factors not evident on visual inspection.