Best Rainbow 6 Extraction Guns and All Operator Weapons

The best Rainbow 6 extraction guns are good to seek out on your Operators so you can use them on incursions against Archaeans. At the start of each mission, you’ll need to choose your Operator and then an appropriate loadout from a selection of weapons for your sub-area objectives. As with Rainbow 6 Siege, stealth and tactics are important to consider in Rainbow Six Extraction, and this extends to the weapons you and your team use. Here are some of the best weapons to use in Rainbow 6 Extraction and each weapon for each operator.

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Rainbow Six mining tips

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When determining which Rainbow 6 extraction guns are the best and what you should use, you should remember that they behave the same as in Rainbow 6 Siege. That is, they usually have a lot of knockback (and therefore reward accurate shots and controlled bursts), and headshots do a lot more damage than usual – shooting Archean enemies base in the head is often a one-shot kill, even with weapons such as silenced pistols. Since any weapon can kill quickly by targeting weak spots, many weapons may look very similar, but there are definitely some strong points.


Rainbow 6 Extraction Shotgun sg-cqb

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Due to the close range nature of most Archaean combat, Rainbow 6 Extraction shotguns are very powerful and you should have at least one person with one on your team. The SG-CQB, M590A1, M870 and M1014 are all very powerful. They are great for taking out any Archaean variant, but the strongest ones found in the hunting objective in Rainbow Six extraction missions or higher difficulties can also be dealt with. The main downside is that they can’t be suppressed – Hibana’s Supernova being an exception – so make sure you have a reliable, suppressed secondary weapon to use for stealth instead.


Rainbow 6 Pistol Extraction p9

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Each Operator has a choice of one or two secondary weapons, and they’re all pretty solid choices to maintain stealth. You can rely on any of the pistols to quickly kill basic Archaean enemies, even with a suppressor, as you wander through sub-areas with your team. Many Operators have a balanced gun with good damage and a large magazine, including the P9 or P12. Some Operators will also have a high caliber pistol with a smaller magazine, such as Finka’s PMM, which is also very effective when suppressed. To save ammo for your primary weapon, you can use your suppressed pistol to shoot Sprawl and also clear a path for your allies. Unless you’re using a suppressed primary weapon in your loadout, avoid revolvers such as the LFP586 that Doc, Lion, and Rook have access to as they rarely have suppressors.

Scorpion EVO 3 A1

SMG Rainbow 6 Extraction Scorpion evo pistol

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Ela’s starter weapon, the rapid-fire Scorpion carbine, is an incredibly effective weapon thanks to its high rate of fire and large 40-round magazine. We recommend switching it to burst mode, which allows you to accurately fire three quick shots with the pull of the trigger. Keep a reflex or red dot sight for clear aiming at close range and use the vertical grip for better recoil control.


Rainbow 6 Extraction v308 Combat Rifle

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Available for Lion and Rook, the V308 is an excellent weapon that combines high-caliber power in a more compact SMG-style form. The V308 deals good damage and boasts a massive 50 round battery magazine that can be quickly reloaded. It also has a very vertical recoil which is quite easy to control and increased versatility and range from burst and semi-automatic fire modes. It’s very similar to Ela’s Scorpion but with more damage per bullet and a much slower rate of fire.

Spear .308

Rainbow 6 Extraction Spear 308 Assault Rifle

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Finka’s Spear .308 is an excellent assault rifle that can handle any situation in a hot zone, and she happens to be one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction thanks to her Adrenal Surge ability. The spear has solid damage and fire rate stats, which means it can deal a good amount of damage, but most importantly, it has relatively low recoil and is easy to control. It’s not great at close range – switch to your secondary for that – but at medium range it’s great for taking out Archaeans. You can even switch it to semi-automatic mode which will allow you to fire accurate and well-paced shots at longer distances. IQ’s AUG A2 is very similar with comparable damage and recoil.

Rainbow 6 Extraction Lion holding V308 rifle

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Like in Siege, each Operator has their own unique selection of weapons to choose from for their loadouts. This means you can’t mix any weapon with any operator, but some operators will share weapons, especially if they’re in the same organization. Here are all of the weapons in Rainbow 6 Extraction categorized into common gun archetypes, but each Operator that can use each weapon is also noted:

Rainbow 6 Extraction IQ holding AUG A2 Assault Rifle

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
  • M762 – Medium range assault rifle with solid damage. Used by Ela.
  • 556XI – Short range assault rifle. Used by Pulse.
  • Spear .308 – Accurate and versatile assault rifle. Used by Finka.
  • Type-89 – High fire rate assault rifle with a small magazine. Used by Hibana.
  • V308 – rifle with low recoil and high capacity. Used by Lion and Rook.
  • F2 – Fully automatic or burst rapid fire assault rifle. Used by Leo.
  • L85A2 – Longer range assault rifle with lower rate and good damage. Used by Sledge.
  • AR33 – Mid-range, versatile assault rifle. Used by Sledge.
  • AUGUST A2 – Medium to long range assault rifle with controllable recoil and good damage. Used by QI.
  • 552 Commandos – Medium range carbine with solid damage and lower rate of fire. Used by IQ and Jager.
  • 416-C carbine – Compact Assault Rifle with strong recoil but solid stats otherwise. Used by Jager.

Rainbow 6 Extraction Vigil holding K1A SMG

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
  • MP5 – Good all-around SMG. Used by Doc and Rook.
  • P90 – High-capacity, close-range SMGs. Used by Doc and Rook.
  • Scorpion EVO 3 A1 – Fast-firing rifle with reliable burst mode. Used by Ela.
  • UMP45 – Powerful and accurate SMG. Used by Pulse.
  • Mx4 Storm – SMG with high rate of fire and good range. Used by Alibi.
  • 9x19VSN – Solid SMG with good bullet penetration. Used by Finka.
  • MP5SD – MP5 with less damage but more controllable recoil thanks to an integrated suppressor. Used by Hibana.
  • K1A – SMG with solid damage, fire rate and range. Used by Vigil.
  • MP7 – Short and medium range SMG with high rate of fire. Used by IQ and Jager.

Rainbow 6 Extraction Pulse holding m1014 shotgun

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  • SG-CQB – High damage, short range shotgun. Used by Doc and Rook.
  • FO-12 – Semi-automatic rifle with quick grip. Used by Ela.
  • M1014 – Accurate semi-automatic shotgun with high DPS. Used by Pulse.
  • ACS12 – Fully automatic shotgun with a 30-round drum magazine. Used by Alibi.
  • SASG-12 – Semi-automatic shotgun with very short range, especially when suppressed. Used by Finka.
  • Supernova – Compact shotgun with decent recoil control and can be deleted. Used by Hibana.
  • M590A1 – High damage, short range shotgun. Used by Sledge.
  • BOSG.12.2 – Very powerful double-barreled shotgun with good range. Used by Vigil.
  • M870 – High damage shotgun with good range. Used by IQ and Jager.

Rainbow 6 Extraction 6P41 LMG Pistol

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  • LMG-E – Very high capacity and accurate LMG assault rifle hybrid. Used by Ela.
  • ALDA 5.56 – Low damage LMG with high rate of fire. Used by Alibi
  • 6P41 – Large, accurate LMG with a slower rate of fire. Used by Finka.
  • G8A1 – Low damage but accurate LMG with a relatively small 50 round magazine. Used by QI.

Rainbow 6 Extraction sniper rifle hk417

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  • HK417 – Long range sniper rifle. Used by Doc, Lion and Rook.
  • Mk 14 EBR – Low damage sniper rifle. Used by Vigil.

Rainbow 6 Extraction RG15 Pistol

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
  • P9 – Standard low recoil pistol and 16 round magazine. Used by Doc, Lion and Rook.
  • LFP586 – High recoil revolver with good range and damage. Used by Doc, Lion and Rook.
  • RG15 – Custom standard pistol with a reflex sight. Used by Ela.
  • M45 MEUSOC – High damage pistol with higher recoil and 7 round magazine. Used by Pulse.
  • 5.7 USG – Low damage pistol with a high capacity magazine. Used by Pulse.
  • Bailiff 410 – Shotgun revolver with moderate damage. Used by Alibi.
  • KERATOS .357 – High damage revolver capable of being suppressed. Used by Alibi.
  • PMM – Powerful pistol with an 8-round magazine. Used by Finka.
  • GSH-18 – Low damage pistol with an 18 round magazine. Used by Finka.
  • BEARING 9 – Compact SMG with a very high rate of fire. Used by Hibana.
  • P229 – Solid pistol with a 12 round magazine. Used by Hibana.
  • P226 MK25 – Standard pistol with 16 round magazine. Used by Sledge.
  • SMG-11 – Extremely fast-firing, low-capacity compact SMG. Used by Sledge.
  • SMG-12 – Extremely fast-firing, higher-capacity compact SMG. Used by Vigil.
  • C75 Automatic – Fully automatic pistol with a high rate of fire. Used by Vigil.
  • P12 – Standard low recoil pistol and 15 round magazine. Used by IQ and Jager.