Bhupinder Singh Hooda Slams BJP-JJP Gov Over Rising Fuel Prices, Says ‘Better’ Cong Rule

Haryana opposition leader and former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Wednesday pointed his guns at the BJP-JJP government over the massive hike in fuel prices in the state, electricity tariffs high, rising fertilizer rates, record unemployment, rising poverty and uncontrollable corruption.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Hooda said: ‘Petrol and diesel fare is increased by 35 paise and sometimes 80 paise. It is as if the government read the table of 35 and 80 with petroleum products. Gasoline and diesel in Haryana was cheaper than neighboring states under the previous Congress government. Every gas pump on the border had signs indicating that fuel was cheaper than other states. But now, after multiple treks, fuel in Haryana is now more expensive than its neighbours.

Talking about DAP fertilizer prices, Hooda said, “The government has increased the DAP rate from Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,350. By raising the electricity tariffs, the government has launched a new attack on the household budget. of the middle class. The state cut power generation in the state and instead bought expensive electricity from outside and shifted the extra burden onto the people. »

He also targeted the government for making education expensive for poor children.

“First, the government abolished Rule 134A, which allows the admission of children from poor families to private schools. So now, these children from poor families will not be able to attend large private schools. The BJP-JJP combination also abolished the auction process and eliminated the lottery process for HSVP (HUDA) plots, making it almost impossible for poor and middle-class families to buy plots in the sectors. Due to the government’s anti-people policies, about 11.6 percent or about 30 lakh people in Haryana live below the poverty line, according to an NITI Aayog report released on Wednesday.

According to CMIE data, Haryana again leads the country in terms of unemployment rate at 26.7%. Of the 95 lakh workforce in the state, 22 lakh are unemployed. Health, education and other government services are neglected,” Hooda added.

The former CM also claimed that countless scams – like mining, booze, registry and recruiting – were going on. “But the government shuns CBI investigations into such cases. If the government is clean, then why doesn’t it face a high profile investigation. Who does the government want to save? Instead of filling vacancies, the government is constantly trying to remove employees from their jobs,” Hooda added.