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As she settled into the plush first-class seat on her flight, her mind wandered …

First of all, there were neighboring boys teasing Maud’s older sister, Charlotte, who “wasn’t quite doing well”. They didn’t die for their cruelty, but Maud made sure they were gone for good. The teacher who tried to collect her work died by icicle, and it took real work from Maud. There was Frazzén, who died of greed and an iron. Charlotte, well, awkward Charlotte fell down the stairs. And technically, the neighbor’s rascal son committed suicide; Maud had only baked these allergen-based cookies …

Everything was “necessary,” she thought.

“Some problems have only one solution. It’s like that.”

While not as hilarious as the first in this two-part series, “An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed” still has a lot of humor buried in its 261 pages. Also, a lot of cold-blooded murders, as you would expect in a beautiful mystery.

The point is, this is an open murder, often with witnesses, but author’s main character Helene Tursten is cunning; with the Rube-Goldberg-esque contraptions and devices, there’s a different method to Maud’s madness every time and she’s delightfully, curmudgeonly gleeful to literally get away with murder. Best of all, in Tursten’s older body there is a true and talented actress with nerves of steel, a deliciously twisted mind, and absolutely zero patience for fools – which makes this dark novel clever and very. , great fun to read.

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