Cheetah Mitra in distress over increased hunting and wildlife poaching in Kuno

Sheopur (Madhya Pradesh): There is a famous saying that great fame is often followed by great challenges. The return of cheetahs to India after 70 years is a great pride and fame for the country and it is now becoming very difficult for forest department officials to protect the wildlife and newly arrived cheetahs in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report, increasing poaching activity in Kuno and wildlife hunting incidents have come to the fore in recent months. Ever-increasing cases of hunting raise questions about the safety of cheetahs arriving in Namibia.

Ramesh Singh Sikarwar, an elder from the villages settled around Kuno and a former moron who went by the name of ‘Cheetah Mitra’ spoke about wildlife being poached in the dark of night in Kuno.

Ramesh Sikarwar is known as the leader of a bandit gang who surrendered to the police in 1984. He is said to have once killed 13 cowherds in one day and has around 91 kidnapping and murder cases against his name. The 72-year-old’s knowledge of the forest has earned him the designation Cheetah Mitra.

However, DFO Prakash Verma cut short all claims that all hunting and poaching casualties occurred outside of Kuno.

When contacted, Ramesh Singh Sikarwar expressed concern about wildlife safety in Kuno. “Forest department officials do not keep watch inside the coons at night. Mogia species hunters living in the forest villages, after hunting, come out at night to meet other demands for meat. “

“Such incidents happen every day. Black deer rabbit meat is readily available to hunters. Department officials are also aware of this, but they are unable to crack down on poachers. of their own more lives than wild animals, so they don’t mess with poachers,” he adds.

Listing the precautionary measures, Ramesh Singh Sikarwar says hunters from the Mogiya caste, who live in the forest building houses, should be moved to another location.

“The government should revoke the license for their weapons and it should be confiscated. I also called on the officers to deploy 1-2 youths from nearby villages for the protection of the Kuno, with the aim that with the youths, the whole village or rise up to fight the poachers.

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