Chicago Democrat introduces bill to ban phantom guns in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD (WGEM) – An Illinois Democrat introduced a proposal to ban ghost weapons in the state.

Rep. Kam Buckner (D-Chicago) said these homemade firearms must be made illegal to protect communities.

Ghost guns have become a problem in the United States because anyone can buy parts online to make their own, and the guns do not have serial numbers. This means that these firearms are much more difficult for police to track after a crime has been committed.

Buckner’s plan could make it illegal for anyone to knowingly possess, transport or receive parts or kits for untraceable weapons. This bill also prevents people from printing ghost guns with 3D printers.

All firearms without a serial number must also be registered with a federal firearms dealer or other license holder. Legislation states that authorized dealers can charge a fee of up to $35 to put a unique serial number on firearms.

“To be blunt, these are weapons that are used to not get caught,” Buckner said. “I’m proud to introduce vital legislation that will prevent phantom guns from harming our state.”

The wording of the bill states that anyone violating this change could be convicted of a Class A misdemeanor. However, those with multiple violations could be charged with a Class 3 felony.

This legislation excludes ghost weapons purchased by law enforcement, federal importers, and federal manufacturers.

Buckner filed House Bill 5731 on Friday. The bill was first read in the House on Monday and is now sitting in the Rules Committee.

The Gun Violence Prevention PAC, Moms Demand Action Illinois and Brady United support Buckner’s plan.

“Ghost guns are dangerous, impossible to trace and too easy to get without background checks – and they don’t belong in our communities,” said Maria Pike, gun violence survivor and Moms Demand Action volunteer. “Protecting our communities from phantom guns cannot wait, especially as gun violence continues to devastate our state and phantom guns appear with alarming frequency at Illinois crime scenes.”

They hope that this plan can be adopted quickly in the House. The spring session is due to end on April 8.

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