Columbia Facet 45 OutDry Shoes Review

I had a pair of Columbia Sportswear Facet 45 OutDry Shoes for more than two years now, and since that time, I wear them everywhere, more or less. I’ve worn them on NYC streets, suburban sidewalks, on trails in conditions ranging from rocky to dusty to muddy to leaf-strewn to icy, snowy, etc. Throughout all of this time and in all of these conditions, these shoes not only held up remarkably well, but they turned out to be as versatile a pair of shoes as I have ever worn.

the Facet 45 is called a shoe, but it’s more like an understated boot in many ways. It has a high ankle opening that grips your ankles, a sole that’s thick enough to absorb heavy heel strikes, and it’s big enough to protect your entire foot and ankle from scrapes and scrapes. On the other hand, they’re lighter than any hiking shoe you’re going to throw on, and thanks to the snug “sock-like” fit of the upper, you can indeed jog in these. ci (trail, for example) so maybe a shoe-boot hybrid would be a better way to describe them.

Aside from classifying shoes, boots, or shoes, these are shoes that manage to look good under a pair of jeans worn around town and work great when climbing over rocks and roots in the woods. . And it’s not an easy balance – trust me, I’ve tested dozens of pairs of trail boots and shoes over the years, and in most cases you just have to (and should) sacrifice the appearance for performance. With the 45’s facet an aggressive lug pattern, cushioned insole and durable sole, these shoes are truly reliable gear for any adventure. Oh, and they’re also completely waterproof, and with a good pair of socks, they’ll keep your feet toasty warm.

While they won’t be the anchor of a stunning dress assembly, they won’t sink your look either. This versatility and the passable look of the Facet 45 are why these are my go-to shoes when I’m traveling light, especially if I’m not sure what to expect in terms of destination conditions.

So, for a quick recap, these hiking boots are not only decent looking shoes suitable for many different terrains, but they slip on. Like super easily. All you have to do is grab the small loops of fabric near the top of the collar and slip these shoes on. Plus, once they’re on, they manage to feel as comfortable and secure on your foot as if you’d laced them up thanks to the shared efforts of stretchy fabric and a pair of chunky bands (“welded overlays”) ) that cross over the top of your feet.

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