Congress, NCP accuse Center of ‘plundering’ the common man by raising fuel prices – Reuters


MUMBAI: Congress and the NCP on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of plundering the poor as petrol and diesel prices rose again.

Petrol and diesel prices were increased by 80 paise per liter each on Wednesday, bringing the total tariff increase in 16 days to 10 rupees per litre.

“The Modi government continues to plunder the poor through fuel price hikes! Petrol and diesel prices have risen another 80 paise today with prices rising by 10 rupees in two weeks,” the tweeted. Maharashtra Congress leader, Nana Patole. Patole called the BJP government a “pickpocket”.

NCP spokesman Clyde Crasto also took to Twitter to denounce the BJP, calling the saffron party “lootjeevi” (those who thrive on loot).

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Taking a swipe at the BJP, Crasto shared a cartoon, in which he compared the party to a cowboy holding fuel pump nozzles in both hands like guns and dragging them towards an ordinary man who raised his hands by fear.


The cowboy depicted in the cartoon has the BJP’s polling symbol, the lotus, in place of his face. “Enough of rising petrol and diesel prices,” Crasto tweeted. The NCP and Congress are constituents of the MVA government led by Shiv Sena.