Couple allegedly held at gunpoint during attempted kidnapping on hiking trail

A Colorado couple Trek a trail in the Jefferson County area was allegedly held at gunpoint by a disguised man during a kidnapping attempt this week.

According to a report by the Denver Postthe hikers were confronted on the trail by a man they later realized they knew, since identified as 73-year-old Kerry Endsley. In a press release, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office – the agency responding to the scene – said its dispatchers first received a 911 call from another hiker just after 8:00 a.m. local time on Friday. The hiker informed dispatchers that he was “actively witnessing” a pair of hikers being held at gunpoint by a man, at which point the caller was ordered to hold the line.

Once responding deputies arrived at the scene, they reportedly found the couple before later locating the suspect and approaching him at gunpoint. A deputy fired at the suspect, but did not hit him. Another deputy, meanwhile, used his Taser on the suspect, who was later taken into custody.

Image via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

In a subsequent interview with the two hikers, it was revealed that they had realized during the alleged kidnapping effort that the suspect was Endsley, whose identity had initially been concealed due to of an attempt at disguise. According to the couple, the man they later recognized as Endsley first confronted them with a gun and forced the woman to wear a nylon leash. At times during the incident, one of the victims, a male, managed to retrieve the suspect’s weapon.

The Job report adds that an initial investigation found that Endsley, according to police, “has a history of stalking the female victim”. The 73-year-old has since been confirmed to have been arrested for second-degree kidnapping, felony threatening and breach of a restraining order. When he was apprehended, he was taken to a local hospital.