Criminals Carrying Guns, Not Ghost Guns The Problem in Yakima

While the Biden administration announced a ban on unlicensed kits to make so-called ghost weapons, guns are not an issue in the city of Yakima, police say.

The new rule is an effort to stop the manufacture of untraceable firearms

It’s part of the president’s effort to crack down on what the administration calls the “proliferation of untraceable firearms.” The new rule announced on Monday means the kits qualify as “firearms” under gun control law. Due to the new rule, commercial manufacturers must be licensed and weapons must include serial numbers and when selling the kits they will need a background. Critics say the new rule will do nothing more than create more paperwork and won’t impact crime.

Yakima police say they didn’t find any of the ghost guns on the street

Capt. Jay Seely of the Yakima Police Department says “we don’t see any ghost guns yet. Not to say they aren’t in Yakima, we just haven’t come across one being used in a crime Seely says the problem in Yakima is stolen guns.
In fact, in 2020, the Yakima Police Department created a video on social media asking for your help in reducing serious crime by locking up your firearms, whether you’re at home or in your vehicle. Making sure your gun is locked in your vehicle is vitally important, according to police, as they say 50% of all guns stolen in Yakima come from prowling vehicles. Authorities say the guns are then used on the streets for many serious crimes, including gang-related shootings. Stolen guns are the second biggest problem among Yakima criminals, who are prohibited from carrying firearms while using them on the streets of Yakima.

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