Dave Navarro’s “Strange” Guns N ‘Roses recording session

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro recalled his “strange” recording experience with Guns N ‘Roses in 1999 – eight years after he failed to audition to join the band.

The guitarist can be heard on the song “Oh My God”, which was recorded for the film. End of days during the period when Axl Rose had full control of the group after the other members of the Classical era left.

“Axl called me one day and said, ‘I’m working on this record. … Do you want to come and play guitar on it? ‘ », Navarro recently told Appetite for distortion Podcast. “I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, sure I want it! So I was given a location, a time and a studio, and I showed up with my gear… there were 10 people in the studio, and I was like, “Where’s Axl?” And they were like, ‘He’s coming. He is coming. But let’s start anyway.

Navarro said he then “sat down and plugged in” and listened to the track. “I said, ‘Sounds awesome! “And I recorded a few passes,” he recalls. “And then, I’m not shitting you – I swear – all of a sudden I hear in the background, ‘Yeah, that sounds really good. Why don’t you keep that one?’ And what it was was Axl on speakerphone from his house listening all the time! I was like ‘What?’ It was just Axl’s voice coming out of nowhere.

Rose gave him direction for another take, resulting in a trail that left everyone “thrilled,” Navarro said. “It was… very strange – but I like it to be strange, you know what I mean?” Because it makes the story so much juicier and more fucking, just plain memorable and fun! “

You can watch the interview below.

Navarro was actually Rose’s first choice to replace Izzy Stradlin in 1991, but the guitarist admitted his drug problems were too bad to join Guns N ‘Roses. “Axl really wanted me… and we were talking almost every day about ideas and how the band could work with me,” he explained. “I just wasn’t there enough to do it. I had an audition with the band that I didn’t show up to as I was immersed in my drug addiction and just couldn’t show up in that form.

He added that “it’s been the way it is … at that age now, there’s only water under the bridges, and we’re all part of this collective musical family, and we have all played together a myriad of times. “

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