Do future Batman movies need humor?

The Batman has been a proven success so far. While it’s impossible to say whether Matt Reeves’ vehicle will make it to the billion dollar club as Spider-Man: No Coming Homeit’s safe to assume that the Dark Knight will be the biggest hit of early 2022. However, while a good chunk of critics and fans alike praised the latest Gotham City adventure, most notably Robert Batman’s Pattinson and the darker version of Edward Nashton aka The Riddler, many negative reviews criticized The Batman to be too dark. And this isn’t the first time a Batman movie has been hit with “it’s too dark” criticism. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was heavily attacked because of his tone. In fact, there are reports that Warner Brothers forced David Ayer to tone down Suicide Squad due to backlash over the film’s darkness and moodiness. The Nolan Trilogy applied the darker tone after a pair of campiness in the live-action adaptation of the DC hero. It makes you wonder, is Batman too dark?

The criticism of saying that The Batman is too dark odd. Is Seven too dark? The ending of this film sees the protagonist directly murder the villain after finding his wife’s head in a box. What about Chinese district? Evelyn Mulwray was shot in the eye and the corruption of the infamous place was allowed to continue as a hysterical Katherine Cross was taken from the sick bastard who was hurting her. Same Joker saw the Prince of Darkness shoot Murray Franklin, start a riot, and walk down the hallway of Arkham Asylum with bloody footprints, indicating he had murdered his therapist. All three movies get their fair share of reviews, but rarely one of them for “being too dark.” I will not enter The Batman Spoilers here, but labeling these darker versions of Batman doesn’t make much sense since the world of Gotham is traditionally dark. The Dark Knight has its fair share of goofy villains, but the plethora of villains are psychopaths, killers, assassins, or mob bosses. The Batman himself is more of a serious figure. He is a wealthy playboy whose life has been filled with tragedy. He watches his parents die in cold blood and lives in a chaotic place where death could be just around the corner. Not all comic book movies need to be light and fun like Marvel.

For those who hated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, do you think the movie would be better if it was filled with sarcastic jokes, hilarious gags and lines? How did it work for Justice League? Here’s the thing, sometimes tone matters; the problem with the tone was noticeable in the The Fantastic Four reboot with Michael B. Jordan. The problem is that comic book hero powers are too clunky to really thrive in a dark world. The film was notably deleted and in turn, stripped The Fantastic Four of any kind of personality; Although to be fair, that was one of the many glaring issues with the reboot. dead Pool works like a dark comedy/action movie as the main protagonist is essentially a murderous psychopath with a colorful personality. Manufacturing dead Pool a dark and serious film would be a mistake as it would actually betray his character’s personality as it suppresses Deadpool’s true nature.

Can future Batman films be humorous? May be. Granted, I haven’t watched any of the Batman front features batman begins so I can’t tell if he’s working on a more comedic tone. I get that the Adam West versions are extremely campy, as well as the Joel Schumacher films, but just because those films have a lighter, heroic tone doesn’t mean the new versions have to be. X-Men has mostly danced between light and serious; However, Logan is the darkest film in the X-Men canon. What’s crazy is that it works perfectly for the character and the world that’s portrayed. Logan is actually the best X-Men movie to date (in my opinion of course). If the tone does not match a certain film, it must be announced. can you imagine Seven like a light comedy? Or Thesilenceofthelambs like an enchanted romantic comedy between Clarice and Hannibal Lecter? However, the problem with The Batman certainly isn’t the tone and it’s confusing that this review is being leveled at the film. Opinions are subjective and critics and fans are allowed to feel what they want, but The Batman doesn’t need humor to be good.