Drunk Robots Brings New Era of Humor and Ultraviolence with NFT Game

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become one of the most important use cases in the cryptocurrency industry.

Even though it launched in 2016, it only became popular this bullish season after a digital artist known as Beeple sold his digital art for $ 69 million, making headlines around the world. and giving the NFT market much needed exposure. Since then, several artists, celebrities, sports stars and mainstream brands have launched NFTs, grossing millions of dollars at auction.

Since the first quarter of 2021, the NFT market has come a long way, and there are many unique and rare projects of the early 2017s that made millions through NFT, whether they are CryptoPunks or ETHrocks. Now the latest trend in the NFT market seems to be in the gaming industry and NFT Play-to-Earn projects are in high demand. One of those P2E NFT games that made all the right noise is Drunken robots.

Drunk Robots is a game that allows you to earn money by playing it in the form of an in-game cryptocurrency token called Metal ($ MTL). It is built on the very popular Binance Smart Chain which facilitates easy and secure transactions at minimal costs. The setting of the game takes place in the not-so-distant future in a town called Los Machines, which is inhabited by mad robots.

The main objective of the Drunk Robots gameplay is to survive and take over the city which has been absorbed by the drunken junky robots whose only interests are METAL beer and violence. Players will collect robots, guns, and other street trash to boost their street credibility. The gameplay involves robbing shops and banks, participating in drunken races, participating in dance battles and beating the crap of your opponents. Users can create their own gang or join one – more powerful gangs will rule the city during their lifetime.

A new way to make sure your wallet volume grows

The Drunk Robot game will use two main tokens: $ LQT, the native token of the platform, and $ MTL, the main token of the Drunk Robots game. Purchases, health recovery, missions, and other activities will require the use of $ MTL. All rewards for completing the minigames and farming will also be paid in MTL $. The $ LQT will be the secondary currency in the secondary market, where it can be traded, and it will also be used for certain stocks.

LQT-BNB staking may be necessary to improve robot characteristics. Players can also use in-game rewards in the form of $ MTL and $ LQT to trade and earn profit.

Drunk Robot released its first mini game in October of this year, giving a preview of what many other games in the series could look like. The mini-game can be accessed through the desktop platforms. This game guides players through the Metaverse and allows them to tour the Drunken Universe. The first mini-game is a browser-based survival game in which Knockout has to shoot other robots. The mini-game is free, so users do not need to own a container or tokens to participate. Weekly Leaderboards have been released and the game now rewards the top ten players in the Global Leaderboard.

How did Drunk Robots increase sales when other games failed?

Drunk Robot gameplay would provide players with the option of playing individually or establishing a gang of robots to lead part of the metaverse, the stronger a player’s gang, the better their chances of winning. There will be a total of 10,101 Genesis robots with six different types, each with unique characteristics, abilities, appearances, and several robots will also have native weapons. These bots would act as the few NFTs in the ecosystem that gamers can use to play games and chase after to win valuable prizes.

The game would also have containers that players can purchase and these containers would contain various rare robots and weapons. These containers would be very limited and scarce and would offer a short time frame to enter the primary market. So, players have to do their best to get it in the primary market as its price would increase dramatically in the secondary markets.

There is only one type of container option left now, but started off with three options. Users can now see the bots they have in their container and the container will be burnt down afterwards. The project has already sold 6,670 / 10,000 Robots. The project already has 13 groups with a total of over 4000 members. The project has also formulated a series of new partnerships to elevate its P2E game into the mainstream.

The latest partnerships with CryptoBlades and Faraland and Wanaka Farm – one of the most important gaming projects on BSC indicate the possible valuation the project would have in the years to come.

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