Dying Light 2 No Guns: Are there pistols, rifles or shotguns?

Many fans will wonder if there are guns in Dying Light 2. The original focused on melee weapons, but also had a decent selection of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. We will discuss if there are guns in Dying Light 2 below.

Are there guns in Dying Light 2?

There is a gun in Dying Light 2. Players can craft a makeshift shotgun in the late game, but it is used as a piece of gear instead of an equipable weapon. Other than that, guns are only visible in the hands of NPCs.

The in-game reasoning behind the lack of guns in Dying Light 2 is that the military somehow confiscated (almost) all guns before abandoning the city. The developers have stated that there are no skilled gunsmiths left to craft new weapons, so there are none available. But, of course, the real reason is that Techland wanted to focus on melee combat. A running criticism of the original game is that guns made it too easy, so the game is now optimized primarily around co-op, stealth, melee combat, and parkour.

However, the in-universe reason there are no guns is so bad it’s almost immersion breaking. Villedor is a European city, so it probably didn’t have the massive amount of guns you would find in an American city. However, there would still be many small arms scattered in so many places that no army would be able to confiscate them all. As long as it doesn’t get wet, ammo doesn’t degrade, and the same goes for firearms. A well-maintained firearm can last for centuries.

Guns aren’t that hard to craft either. They were mass-produced hundreds of years before electricity became commonplace. At the very least, someone in Villedor would produce guns and gunpowder. The latter is an incredibly unpleasant task, but it requires a very low level of technology.