Fishing and hunting: elk and bear license applications on sale until June 1

Elk and Bear license applications are on sale until June 1, 2022. Elk licenses are very limited and only available by lottery. People do not need a basic license to apply for the drawing, but must purchase a basic license and an elk receipt to hunt if chosen.

To increase the chances of being chosen, or even earning two tags in a single year, people can choose Pure Michigan Hunt applications while applying for bear and elk.

The bear and elk license application can be purchased at places like Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare.

“When it’s a lottery like that and there’s that chance, you know, it becomes a tradition,” said Matt Poet, Jay’s sporting goods marketing manager. “Hey, I need to get my license. I need to get that chance to enter the lottery. And that’s a thing year after year. And that’s something you can share with your family. Your son is getting a little older, you are your daughter, grandchildren. You say, hey, we need to start getting our points now so you have a better chance in the future.

Poet also adds that purchasing recreation or hunting licenses also guarantees Michigan land conservation.

The Pure Michigan Hunt offers a chance to license elk, bear, spring and fall turkey, and antlerless deer, and first choice in a managed waterfowl hunting area. Plus blinds, sleds, rifles, shotguns and more worth thousands of dollars come home with the three lucky hunters every year. All licenses are transferable. Winners can keep the licenses for themselves or transfer them to a friend or loved one.

Pure Michigan Hunt apps are only $5 each. People can only buy one momentum chance and one bear preference point, each, and your deadline is June 1st.

That’s not the case with Pure Michigan Hunt, as there’s no limit to the number of apps you can purchase through December 31.

Detailed information on elk hunting seasons, management units, hunting times and more can be found in the upcoming Elk Digest.