Four poachers in custody for hunting pregnant deer in Dang

Four poachers arrested in Kalibel range in Ahwa taluka of Dang district for stalking a pregnant Chital deer were taken into custody on Monday.

According to forest officials, around 30 deer were brought to the new Kalibel Range Forest Breeding Center in Dang in 2019. Deer from the breeding center are released back into the forest as adults, as prey for leopards. .

Anjana Palve, Range Forest Officer (RFO) of Kalibel, Dang North Division, said, “More than 50 adult deer were released into the forest from Kalibel Breeding Center on August 4 and our staff watched their movements.

Late at night on August 6, one of the forestry staff heard a gunshot coming from the area where the deer were released and informed the RFO. A search was initiated and staff located four men with the carcass of a deer.

Three of the poachers denounced the forestry staff while the other was caught on the spot. Based on the information given by the arrested poacher, the agents pinned three others on Sunday. They have been set aside under the Wildlife Protection Act, 2, 6, 9, 27, 31, 32, 48, 51, 52, 29 and 41(1). The deer carcass was sent to Valsad for autopsy.

The poachers arrested were identified as Kamlesh Thackeray, Ishwar Mahala, Bharat Pawar and Kashiram Chaurya – all residents of Ahwa in Dang. Forest officers also seized a firearm in their possession.