Good Guys With Guns Can’t Stop Mass Shootings

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The favorite bull shot spewed by the NRA, the Trumpsters, the MAGAs. Nothing is holier than the Second Amendment, for which there is only one reading, one interpretation according to the usual suspects.

Really. No, I meant, think about it. Yesterday morning at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, IL (Full disclosure: At my house until a few weeks ago.) A mom and apple pie day, with high school marching bands and more first responders with more guns than you can count.

Lots and lots of good guys with guns. And with the blink of an eye and the pop-pop-pop of a succession of bullets fired in less than a minute from an automatic weapon, all these armed good guys were completely helpless to react, to stop the terror. How could they? Six dead, more than three dozen injured. Nice guys with guns? How could good guys with guns stop this? It happened before anyone less endowed with superhuman abilities could react.

The slogan is pure bullshit. A slogan that makes no sense in the horror of one mass shooting after another, after another.

So yesterday was Independence Day. This independence means that you have the right to carry your military AR-15 weapons and all other weapons. This right, according to SCOTUS, according to some politicians, is inviolable, sacred and fundamental as an American.

I have the right to life and liberty. My pursuit of happiness involves hiking, writing, singing, and enjoying nature. Yours kills things, maybe people, maybe rabbits (but who the hell needs military-grade guns to kill rabbits?) But, you know about the Second Amendment, and all that.

But today you destroyed Independence Day. Your freedom trumps mine, apparently. Therefore, to say. You can shoot your AR-15. And the rest of us? My friends are cowering under the gunfire in Highland Park today? They are having their freedom (and some, their life) stolen by your freedom. Well, as long as you have the right to carry any gun you want, unfettered by regulation and reason, you’re fine, right?

Yeah, and about life… you’re all about life – at least until it’s emerged from the womb and is suitable prey for your weapon. So it’s all good, isn’t it?

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Right. Keep believing that by spreading NRA propaganda. Then ask a first responder, ask a local cop if they could have answered that. To the firestorm of automatic weapons. Assault weapons in the hands of civilians can only cause carnage. And maybe that’s what the NRA wants. Carnage produces more carnage and more gun sales from bigger, badder guns.

I urge, I plead, along with everyone for whom life (really matters), who is genuinely pro-life (once born) to vote against all Republicans (because it’s mostly them – and don’t “what about” me) because they are the problem. They’re the ones preventing sound gun regulation (and by the way, the barely bipartisan law that just passed is just a drop in the ocean and won’t even cause a ripple .)

I’m not in the mood today as I hear call after call from close friends at yesterday’s parade. I’m not in the mood when I still don’t know how everyone I know is doing and for whom. If they’re okay.)

In the meantime, protest. Link your arms and shout from the rooftops, register the voters, take them to the polls. Get rid of the filibuster and pass real laws. No one is trying to take everyone else’s guns (although that is my current instinct), but the Second Amendment is not an absolute right to own assault weapons. Give them guns. At least they won’t be spraying hundreds of bullets per minute.

This is the ONLY way for this to stop and the country to begin to heal.