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Put on those capes and tie those hiking boots (or tennis shoes) because Black Kids Adventures, Inc. and Thrive in Alabama are hosting a Hero Hike on November 6th and you won’t want to miss it! The free event will include freebies and a guided hike on Certain Trail at Blevins Nature Reserve.

What is a hero hike?

The Hero Hike is a family ride to honor veterans. The hike will take place in the Blevins Nature Reserve and will be led by Will “Akuna” Robinson, a combat veteran and Merrell sponsored athlete. Robinson is also the first African-American man to complete the Triple Crown trek. Learn more about Robinson and the Triple Crown in the video above.

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In addition to joining the hike, participants are encouraged to bring snacks for the Floyd E. “Tutt” Fann State Veterans Home. Donations can include: full-size candy bars, Debbie snack cupcakes, assorted chip wrappers, mini soda cans, and more.

From the mouth of a child

Zenovia Stephens and her family are no strangers to being on the track. In fact, it’s such a family favorite pastime that their oldest son got the idea for a hero hike when he was just 8 years old.

“In March we were sitting as a family discussing ideas for Black Kids Adventures for this year and he blurted out ‘let’s take a hero hike.” When I asked him what it was, he explained to me. that it was a hike to honor the veterans and all they did for us. He said he felt they were heroes! That’s when I named him creative director in training and I announced this hike will be in November, ”Stephens said.

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Stephens said making the event a no-brainer. Known for actively involving her family in their adventures, she uses these moments to empower her children.

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“As parents, it is always important to listen to the dreams and ideas of our children and to help make them come true. I wanted all of my boys to know that we value their thoughts and feedback and that they can achieve whatever they think about. I also found it incredibly honorable that a child cares so deeply about the efforts and sacrifices of veterans and wants to create a whole event in their honor.

Heroes’ hike details

Dated: Saturday November 6 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Site: Blevins Gap Reserve (map)
Cost: FREE, but registration is recommended.
More information: Facebook


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