Guns are the culprit, now more than ever – Chico Enterprise-Record

Reading Mike Wolcott’s column on kids today and guns I started to answer based on my research since the Lindhurst school shooting just south of Yuba City 30 years ago year. At the time, the shooters didn’t survive or their personal stories weren’t disclosed because the NRA and their pocket lawmakers supported laws keeping them “protected.” Then I went to see the local rendition of “West Side Story”.

The song “Officer Kruskie” gives 32 excuses as to why children behave the way they do. 27 of them point the finger at the fault of the parents, including: “They didn’t want to have me, but somehow I got screwed” or “Mom is a junkie and my father is a drunk”. There’s racism, bullying, gangs, sex, knives and slide guns, dirty cops, abuse, and more AND it was written in 1960 on the streets of Brooklyn.

I can come up with a dozen more excuses like never hunting, fishing, hiking, playing board games or cards, walking home from school or the park, eating a lot of sugar, white flour , unnutritious processed foods, no dogs, no yard, no playmates in the neighborhood, couch potatoes, too much violence on TV/video/games… Parents are responsible for ensuring that children are well behaved and it does not take helicopter parents or a lot of money.

Guns are the culprit. The guns mentioned in “West Side Story” refer to “slide guns” which are makeshift, handcrafted from a game plane launcher and not AR15s, glocks, stock bump, high-capacity automatic rifles used today.

As my bumper sticker says, “It’s the Guns, Stupid.”

—Liz Mosher, Chico