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Fans of ESEE Knives are well aware that founder/owner Jeff Randall and his team are passionate about rock climbing – they even offer courses and wilderness expeditions as part of their sister company’s Randall Adventure Training Program. . The Zancudo (with a “Z”) has been a hot item in the ESEE line for several years, so popular they decided to make a fixed blade version of the knife. Enter the Xancudo, which has many of the styling traits of its folding sibling and more.

The Xancudo measures 7.12″ overall and features a 3.0″ S35VN stainless steel blade. ESEE has had a great response from its previous two knives of this same blade length, but the style of the Xancudo, with its deep finger and drop point blade, has its own unique personality. It is also available in two-ply orange/black G10 handle styles – a single-handle version and the branching carabiner with an oval cutout for climbers wishing to attach it to rope or gear. The knife’s premium S35VN steel deviates from the ESEE Knives standard of high carbon steel, but is welcome for those who sweat a lot and encounter other corrosive elements throughout the trek. The weight is a svelte 3.8 oz. and the Xancudo carabiner comes with a high impact molded black sheath with belt loop.