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For this experiment, I mounted a Meopta Optics Optika 6 3-18×50 SFP scope on pinned 20MOA Picatinny rail. I had never used a Meopta scope before and was fascinated by their DicroTech reticles. Designed for hunting, their patent-pending coating adjusts color tone and intensity to different lighting conditions without using batteries. To my surprise, the colors have changed. Sweeping the range and woods, the colors shifted slightly with shadows and environment changes. I have tried the BDC Dichro reticle and would still personally prefer a larger dot for hunting as the BDC version tended to fade at further ranges.

Kelbly guarantees sub-MOA accuracy with equivalent quality ammo and this gun lived up to expectations. I shot groups from a 200 meter bench with Shepherd Classic Hunter 135 grain and EOL Elite Hunter 156 grain ammo. Both fired well, but the rifle liked 135 grain ammo better. Using the ShotMarker electronic target system, I was able to determine the average target speed and group size. A 5-round group with the Berger 135-grain ammunition measured 1.52″ (0.72 MOA) in width and 1.17″ (0.56 MOA) in height at 200 yards. The speed to target averaged 2,467 feet per second (fps) with a deviation of 9.2 fps. A 5-round group with the 156-grain ammunition measured 2.05″ (0.98 MOA) in width and 1.54″ (0.73 MOA) in height. Speed ​​to target averaged 2,358 fps with a variation of 6.4 fps.

Accuracy remained at greater distances. I’ve repeatedly hit a 12×12 inch steel plate at 1000 yards with no issues. The recoil was relatively mild, elbowing me off the bench, but my shoulder suffered no ill effects.

I am not returning this rifle. At $2,449, it’s more expensive than your average sporting goods store shotgun, but it’s worth it for the lifetime warranty and premium components. Yes, I checked. You can smash your rifle and Kelbly will still cover the damage, even if they’re unhappy. If you’re looking for a custom-grade, extremely accurate and versatile shotgun and long range shotgun with a supportive family behind it, look no further than the Kelbly Koda.

Editor’s note — Kelbly is sponsoring Serena at the Palma competition but was not consulted for this article.

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