GUNS Magazine Moving Day – GUNS Magazine


Let’s start at the beginning, where all the great Greek tragedies begin. In this case, things started with the phone call leading to my post from GUNS Magazine’s Grand Poohbah. After the initial shock wore off, I found myself quoting Roy Schneider in the famous scene from Jaws as I stumbled into the kitchen in shock, muttering to my wife, “We’re going to need a bigger safe.” strong…” And, to be sure, I did.

Now I’m going to reveal another little personal secret – at the time my gun safe was tiny. It was bigger than a bread box but barely. Although I had been an outdoor and firearms writer for several decades, my collection of firearms was modest, even laughable, by most standards. The blame mostly lies with my selfish wife and children who constantly complained about having luxuries we simply couldn’t afford – food, clothing, shelter, heart medications, etc.

This is because I had discovered all the necessary outdoor gear too late – cameras, shooting accessories, hunting accessories, fishing rods, boats, snorkel gear, ropes and harnesses, lures, boots, tents, bags sleeping bags, backpacks and trailers to haul all the accumulated wreckage – weren’t supported by the $200 I earned for the occasional freelance article. This state of affairs seriously put a strain on my weapons budget. Eventually I realized that an outdoor journalist had coined the old analogy: “The world is your oyster, but you can’t crack that fucking shell open.”