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The Chief of the Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat, visited the region on October 16 with orders to wait for the terrorists surrounded to make a move rather than allowing Indian troops to engage them from proactively.

The Indian army shot down six terrorists belonging to Pakistan-based Laskhar-e-Taiba (LeT) during the ongoing encounter in the thick jungles of Rajouri sector with efforts to neutralize the three to four Islamic jihadists remaining by the troops. of the 16th Corps.

After the Indian military lost nine men while engaging terrorists in the jungles of Rajouri, Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat visited the region on October 16 to help out. meet with local commanders responsible for ongoing counterterrorism operations. It is understood that Indian Army commanders were ordered to wait or tire terrorists in deliberate operations rather than proactively engaging them on their terms.

“Losses among our troops have occurred because of the advantage the terrorists have gained by operating in pairs. This allowed them to continuously change position and engage more troops, resulting in casualties, ”said an Indian army commander.

According to South Block, as many as nine to ten LeT terrorists have infiltrated Pakistan into the jungles between the borders of Rajouri-Poonch district in the past two or three months. While many offers of infiltration were foiled on the LoC and along the fence, the Pak terrorists were bolstered by their success in Afghanistan and to that extent the wave of terror was anticipated by the Indian army and security agencies.

As Indian troops rushed in “josh” to catch terrorists, on-site instructions were issued to establish a cordon around the area in the presence of terrorists. The change in tactics was that now it was left to the terrorists to make the movement to obtain resupply from neighboring villages for survival and thus expose themselves as targets. “The war in the jungle required patience and the instructions to the troops are to be careful and avoid casualties by engaging the terrorists head-on. Since time is not a constraint, we will tire the terrorists and eliminate them, ”said one commander.

While it is only a matter of time when the Indian Army’s counterterrorism troops eliminate the remaining terrorists, the plethora of weapons and night vision devices left by US troops in Afghanistan will increase the level of violence in Kashmir. , because the Jihadist groups based in Pak believe they can occupy Jammu and Kashmir like Afghanistan occupied militarily by the Taliban.

The Pakistani deep state is also brimming with confidence as they have been the real force behind the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. For them, the new agenda is the Islamization of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistani terrorists confronting the Indian military on LoC and their local proxies targeting non-Muslims to make the valley a Muslim ghetto.

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