It’s deer season… Be careful there

I quit deer hunting years ago because of all the slob hunters.

I’ve seen idiots do sound shots.

I saw them shooting directly at people because the deer they wanted to hit was running straight at another man.

I saw them shoot a deer that was running over a hill, not even realizing that a miss would go over the hill to the next pasture or farm.

A woman in Ohio was killed while driving to work because a slob hunter opened up with a semi and shot just across the road. This led Ohio to pass a new gun law limiting magazine capacity to 3 rounds.

Another goon from Ohio fired his muzzleloader to clear it while pointing it in the air. The slug struck a young Amish in a buggy, killing her.

Never hunt alone. A man fell from his tree and was so badly injured he couldn’t walk. They found him dead and a pile of empty shells lay next to him because he had tried to find someone to come and help him. No one ever came.

During bow season, another man was climbing into his stand and was hit in the heel by an arrow that a slob hunter shot into the air, probably just having fun.

A hunter came to his tree stand and found it shot down by slob hunters. Since they couldn’t steal it, they got angry and tore it to pieces.

I saw deer shot and left there, the only thing the slob hunters took was the antlers which left the meat to rot even though they could have donated to the needy.

I’ve seen slob hunters leave a deer lying there because the antlers turned out not to be as big or have as many spikes as they originally thought.

I saw a fool dressed in black when the law said he had to wear red. In the deep shade of the woods, I never saw him until he waved a white handkerchief to blow his nose. Another hunter would probably have shot him accidentally.

Of course, from time to time, deer take revenge. We had a game warden killed by a deer.

We had a man raising fallow deer enter the cage during the rut to show his friend this big buck when the buck attacked them and killed the owner. The other man managed to climb a tree and screamed for help. A teenager just got home from school and ran in and got his only shot but had to run to the neighbors to borrow a shotgun shell to kill the deer with.

In another case, an idiot made his own deer call and together with his friend walked into a pen with a deer in it. When he blew the call, the male attacked both men. The owner hit the male on the head with a folding chair and the male lifted the man and the chair off the ground before escaping the enclosure. So much for the morons who think a deer is not dangerous.