LA GUNS Singer PHIL LEWIS – “I didn’t expect him to have the longevity he has”; New 80s Glam Metalcast streaming


LA Guns will release their new album, Checkered Past, on November 12. Singer Phil Lewis is featured on the latest episode of the ’80s Glam Metalcast. Listen below, an excerpt has been transcribed as follows:

What to expect from the new album, Checkered Past:

“A bit of everything. Everything’s fine, not bad! It’s a great album that we’re all very proud of. It’s the third we’ve released since Tracii and I buried the hatchet about five years ago. . It’s called Checkered Past because nobody has a more checkered past than Tracii and I. Once you have the title, it all falls into place. This album has a lot of personality and a lot of variety. Your face stuff. like ‘Cannonball’. Then we have rough, atmospheric stuff. It’s never boring, it’s not a one-dimensional record. ”

On the surprise longevity of the LA Guns:

“I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to go out to Hollywood and have a great vacation for a few months. Honestly, I swear to God I thought this would be it. A fun adventure, a little adventure. … something I will always remember. That was a long time ago. Then things snowballed. Girl was my first band in my late teens, early twenties. was around the same time that Def Leppard and Iron Maiden started. Bands like Maiden and Def Leppard, it was clear that they were going to have a legacy. You could tell if their career was a book, it would be a set. of 10 leather-bound books. I always said Girl was like a two page poem. was never meant to stay long. I’m so glad Girl didn’t hit the jackpot, because I didn’t wasn’t ready for this … and I didn’t want him., I didn’t expect him to have the lo ngevity he had. Once you start selling records and you get on the radio, a few gold records … it changes everything, it really changes. It was a lot of work … but it gave us a legacy of over 30 years … and by God we had a lot of fun! ”

On the song rewrite for the 1988 debut album:

“The first album, I think of it as a bit of a salvage project. Tracii, in one form or another, had been playing as LA Guns since 1984. He had racked up a lot of songs and a lot of ideas. With the singer. before me they had done a few recordings and quite a bit of writing. Some songs were already written and recorded with the other singer. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to sing what he was doing, I couldn’t understand what he was singing. I was slowing down the tape and all I could hear was that weird mumble. I sure didn’t want that. If there were some fantastic lyrics and great songs, that would be one thing. I wouldn’t have touched them if I didn’t think I could improve it. It was really a recovery job on the first one. Once we got to Cocked And Loaded it was a clean slate. We were starting an album from scratch, no song had been Cocked And Loaded was my real first LA Guns album. I’m honored to be on the first album, and I love it … but I felt like a visitor. For Cocked And Loaded, I felt like a full member of the group. “

Written and recorded in late 2020 and early 2021, Checkered Past sees Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis and company continue with the darker lyrical tone of previous studio albums, The Devil You Know and The Missing Peace, while incorporating their classic rock influences into the mix. . Heavier songs are mixed with more blues and boogie tracks and dark, introspective ballads, often reminiscent of the band’s first three albums, but also pushing the band forward. When fans absorb the album as a whole, they will see that the tracklist is divided into “sets” or “suites”, where a sound style is explored through several songs before moving on to the next, making it a remarkable listening experience. .

Feeling inspired and excited as they did in their early days, but with many years of wisdom and experience under their belt, and most importantly, a renewed and stronger creative and personal relationship, Guns and Lewis maintain a creative peak. which started with The Missing Peace. Checkered Past features an invigorated band ready to smash your heads, as well as “wow” you with epic, slower songs, and even get you dancing a little bit to rock ‘n roll.

List of tracks:

“Lucky charm”
“Live now”
“Get along”
“If it’s over now”
“Better than you”
“Knock me down”
“Let you down”
“It’s not why”
“Physical itch”


“Knock me out”:

“To hear”:

LA Guns Tour Dates:

12 – Indio, CA – Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
26 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Coach House
27 – Long Beach, California – Gas lamp

3 – Las Vegas, NV – Earl Vamp’d
4 – Las Vegas, NV – Earl Vamp’d
31 – West Hollywood, California – Whiskey A Go Go

9-14 – Port of Miami, Florida – Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022

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