Lego Star Wars, dogs with guns and a mystery in Singapore

The week ahead in games is a veritable genre buffet. We have platformers, sports games, classic RPG remakes, loot, puzzles and even a retro console.

We’re also making a small change to the title, just to differentiate ourselves from our American friends’ TWIG article.

Righto, what’s up this week? Let’s dive into it.

April 5

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PS5, XSX, PC, NS, PS4, XBO)

There’s a surprising amount of hype surrounding the news Lego Star Wars. Considering that there have been four Lego Star Wars games released in the past, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a compendium of all those best bits. Not so! The Skywalker Saga reconstructs both the content of the prequel and the original trilogy to be more in line with that of 2016 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Singular hub environments are gone, replaced by many hub worlds. The game features full voice acting for most of the original cast, and you can play through the saga in any order you choose.

MLB: The Show 22 (PS5, XSX, NS, PS4, XBO)

It’s a series that’s only been making a small splash in Australia because we’re known for not giving a fuck about baseball. As a nation we already have far too much cricket and football to go on. The show is nevertheless a constant highlight in the annual calendar of sports games. Each new production release is mechanically as solid, if not stronger, than the previous one. It quickly teaches you everything you need to know about how to play baseball and the major parties. It’s also quite engaging, nailing the imitation broadcast aesthetic that so many sports games try to achieve. Until last year, this series was a PlayStation exclusive. Now you can get it on just about anything.

April 7

Chinatown Detective Agency (PC)

Chinatown Detective Agency is a cybernoir point-and-click adventure game that follows former INTERPOL agent-turned-private detective Amira Darma. It’s 2037 and the global economy has collapsed. Singapore, oddly enough, is the only city-state to survive the collapse, but even its government is now on the brink of chaos. Dorma’s investigations will take her all over the world, and players will have to extract real-world information from outside the game to solve her many mysteries. I hadn’t encountered this before compiling this week’s builds and now I’m very interested in playing it.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (NS, PC, PS4, XBO)

One of the greatest JRPGs of all time is finally back. It’s not a direct sequel to the trigger of a stopwatch but takes place in the same world and was designed by many of the same people who worked on the original. This remake will mark the game’s first release outside of Japan and North America. Luckily, the list of RPGs we can talk about is ultimately pretty slim. It was a popular import in its day and has spent the last twenty years topping the lists of many Australian collectors. Although I expect most JRPGs and stopwatch fans have already played it via an emulator, if you have never played Chrono-Crossthis is the perfect opportunity to dive.

Forgive Me Father (PC)

forgive me father is an eldritch apocalypse shooter with an aesthetic somewhere between Borderlands, Duke Nukem 3D, and XIII. It’s about blasting through crowds of nightmarish Lovecraftian enemies. It’s a simple and effective premise, and honestly, the look is so good.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition (PS5, XSX, PC, PS4, XBO)

The loot you probably completely forgot about is cross-platform. Godfall reminds us that the classic console launch title is still a thing, that heady combination of beautiful visuals and the resistance of lettuce left on the kitchen bench. This edition contains all current DLC and expansion content, in addition to specific visuals on next-gen hardware.

Over There: The Oceans of Time (PC)

The low returns, embarking on a new trek across the galaxy. Part RPG, part FTLpart 4X strategy and part No Man’s Skythe The low is beloved by fans for its crisp management, heady mix of exploration and strategy, and striking artwork.

Slipstream (PS5, XSX, NS, PS4, XBO)

A pixel racer tribute to the big names in the genre like To go past and F-zero, Slipstream is all about high-speed highway drifting fantasy. Watch this trailer and tell me it doesn’t look like a good time. Slipstream has been out on PC for a while, but this week is making its way to consoles for the first time.

April 8

Metal Dogs (NS, PS4)

It’s a twin-stick shooter about really good dogs with military-grade ammo strapped to their backs. If you need more conviction than that, I can’t help you.

Skul: The Hero Slayer (NS)

Skull has been out for a while but is only now getting a retail release on Switch here in Australia. It’s a 2D pixel platformer in the vein of mega man. It’s very cool and quite challenging. If you need anything to tide you over while we wait for more Hollow Knight: Silksong info, it may be a balm.

A500 retro mini console

The Amiga 500 is buy a mini console? And there are replicas of the gamepad and Mouse? Pretty tight, honestly.