Let’s All Act To Save Children From Gun Violence – Union County, New Jersey


Bring unwanted guns to the Union County Redemption Event on October 23


Alexandre mirabella

Chairman, Union County Board of County Commissioners

October 2021

Our country has come a long way since the days when gun violence was almost entirely associated with known criminals and gang-related street violence. School shootings have become so common that they rarely make the headlines, and it seems our young people are in danger no matter where they go, whether it’s a sporting event, a birthday party or a neighbor’s house.

Too often, the weapons used in these violent epidemics are used by young people and adults who have access to weapons at home.

In particular, research shows that the weapons used in school violence typically originate from the shooter’s home or from the homes of other family members or friends.

Fortunately, many of our residents have the power to help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

New Jersey has one of the strictest gun ownership laws in the country, but it is not uncommon for our residents to come into possession of an unauthorized or unwanted weapon, be it the the result of an inheritance, gift, hobby or any other chance.

Here in Union County, we know unwanted home guns are rife as we have removed hundreds of them from our neighborhoods in recent years, thanks to the many residents who participate in our buyout events. guns.

Firearms Amnesty Redemption Events are the perfect opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted firearms in your possession and collect a reward for doing a good deed.

At Union County Firearms Buy-Back Events, we are offering up to $ 250.00 for each weapon surrendered, under any condition, whether it works or not. Anonymity is guaranteed and no questions are asked.

Our next redemption event will take place this Saturday, October 23. Residents can bring their unwanted weapons any time between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to any of these locations:

Elizabeth: Master’s Table Christian Fellowship, 207-211 Bond Street

Plainfield: Shiloh Baptist Church, 515-521 West Fourth Street

Westfield: Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, 506 Westfield Avenue

No appointment is necessary. We only ask that you transport the weapon in a secure container and bring it directly to the redemption location of your choice, without stopping along the way.

Ahead of this Saturday’s event, I would like to thank all residents who plan to attend. If you haven’t already, there is still time to browse through your closets, drawers, and garage shelves. Your participation in the redemption event has the potential to save lives and help ensure that children in our community feel safe, in and out of school.

The Union County Gun Amnesty Buyout Events are a collaborative effort with the Union County Public Safety Department, Union County Prosecutor William Daniel, County Sheriff Union Peter Corvelli, Jr. and local law enforcement. For more details, visit ucnj.org.

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