Letter to the editor: Hunting with semi-automatic rifles is a danger | Letters to the Editor

For the past few years, the Iowa legislature has automatically given hunters whatever they want. More seasons, longer seasons, use of silencers to be able to fire on private property without the resident knowing about it, ability to have loaded and unholstered guns in vehicles so you can shoot quickly out of the window, use of snowmobiles and ATVs, night-vision gear, a last-minute enforced mourning dove hunting season—just like this use of semi-automatic rifles to hunt deer and sent to the governor before the ink dried, before the there is public opposition. They would legalize the use of helicopters if hunters had them. It’s not just any “sport”. In real sport, both sides are “equal” and “want” to have a contest. They legislate for where their money comes from, and the money does not come from the opposition.

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Yes, the use of long-range semi-automatic rifles poses a danger to the public. Their use should be limited to “targeted practice” where all bullets go into a good reserve stock and are not sprayed throughout the community.

The Iowa legislature would allow hunters to use machine guns if they had them.

Herman Lenz, Sumner, Iowa