letters to the editor on taxes, guns, Trump and abortion

What if fathers had to take on more responsibility for babies?

Why not legally require all fathers of babies to personally care for their children 50% of the time, until the age of 18? This would give equal responsibility for unwanted pregnancies and for raising unplanned children. OK with you guys?

Nancy O’Neill, Erie

This Gun Madness Is Not What The Founding Fathers Intended

Let’s recognize the deadly elephant in the room.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was not intended, nor does it give Americans the right to own firearms.

It only takes a little research to understand that our Founding Fathers would have had no interest in providing such a guarantee. Moreover, a basic understanding of the English language makes it clear to all but the most ardent believers that the amendment refers to access to firearms in relation to “well-regulated militias”, not individuals.

To believe otherwise is nothing more than wishful thinking… wishful thinking that has turned the United States into a dangerous third world country, where none of us are safe and death awaits in every grocery store. , cinema, workplace and school.

We are literally, figuratively and emotionally held hostage by this madwoman.

There is room for reasonable people to make reasonable compromises. Standard rifles and shotguns for hunting, target shooting, and home protection are all reasonable people in a reasonable society should need.

But first, like all drug addicts, we must recognize that we have a serious problem and we must want to get better.

It starts with admitting that our brilliant ancestors would not have, and did not, plant the seeds of our own destruction in the Constitution.

Steve Bishop, Pittsfield

State Treasurer Garrity spouts misinformation at rally

How reassured would Pennsylvanians be to know that the individual responsible for managing tens of billions of dollars of our money is an outright liar?

Unfortunately, that’s what we’re up against with State Treasurer Stacy Garrity. She appeared at a rally which was ostensibly to promote carpetbagger Dr. Mehmet Oz’s U.S. Senate bid, but was actually a rally for guest of honor Donald Trump.

Treasurer Garrity said with a straight face in renewing the crackpot conspiracy theory of the 2020 election: “We know he (Trump) won.”

If “we” means Trump’s followers who believe anything that comes out of his mouth, she’s right. That’s what the Trump people believe. For those of us who live in the real world, in which Republican officials and Republican-dominated courts have forcefully declared that there was no significant level of demonstrated fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election, the truth is our guide.

It is troubling that our State Treasurer is promoting a lie that endangers the belief in the fairness of our electoral system and our democracy itself: shame.

Oren Spiegler, Peters Township

Leaders must live within their means, give taxpayers a break

I recently read Mr. Ed Palattella’s article “4.45% tax hike sought for school programs” from the Sunday edition of the May 8 Erie Time-News and the first thought that struck me crossed my mind is, when is enough?

Although the article is well written and informative, it offers only one side, in my opinion. When will the media offer a point/counterpoint as they have done in the past? As a retired taxpayer over 64, I am fed up with our authorities at all levels just begging for more money.

After:Proposed 4.45% tax increase to retain Erie School District programs added during pandemic

It seems that’s all they know how to do. Regarding this article, and although some programs seem interesting, when is someone in the media going to ask the same question as me – when is enough? Since the Superintendent of Schools is an accountant, he should be able to make decisions based on a balanced budget and not always beg for more money, either from taxpayers or the state. If he and any other official can’t make sense with the taxpayers’ money we’re spending, they have to go!

Maybe it’s time to have school vouchers, or better yet, maybe it’s time to stop paying taxes until our officials understand that the majority of the population is just tired of the method spend, spend, spend.

By the way, Mr. Mayor, that’s just one of the reasons people are leaving the city of Erie as fast as they can!

Chuck Adamczyk, Erie