Lil Wayne Says He Smells Guns N’ Roses In New MGK Song

hip hop artist lil wayne says he smells of Guns N’ Roses at the end of his verse in Machine Gun Kelly’s single “Ay!” this came out on friday (March 4).

We can only guess the smell of Guns N’ Roses.

Kelly had teased “Ay!” last month with a short snippet in a video on social media. The number dives back into his early hip-hop vibes and will appear on his upcoming album, General public sale. Two years ago, MGK went pop-punk with Travis Barker on Tickets for my fall. Dominant Sold arrives March 25.

Towards the bottom of this article, read the lyrics to “Ay!” and watch the song’s music video.

The lyrics to Guns N’ Roses are kind of a callback for Lil Wayne. He previously uttered the same line about the Axl Rose-led rock band, saying he smelled like Guns N’ Roses, in his feature on Porcelain Black’s 2011 single “This Is What Rock n’ Roll Looks Like”.

But Wayne does not appear in the “Ay!” video. Instead, it’s embodied in a paper cutout. At the end of the clip, Kelly praises the rapper’s musical contribution. “Motherfuckin’ Weezy killed that shit,” MGK says.

Pass Dominant Sold the singles are the poppy charmer “Emo Girl” (featuring Willow) and the grunge rocker “Papercuts”. Kelly recently performed a medley of tracks from the album on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Watch that below as well.

Earlier this year, MGK actually promised two albums for 2022, one being General public sale. (He was then called born with horns.) He recently got engaged to actress Megan Fox. Last year, he drew the ire of Slipknot fans after beefing up the metal band.

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Machine Gun Kelly feat. Lil Wayne, “Ay!” Words

I never want to fall
When I’m so high

I wrote myself a letter
In the form of a song
I can play when the sun is shining
I know better than to trust
Everything I tell myself
When I’m so high

Yes Yes Yes Yes

I just did an interview
With my eyes closed, motherfucker
I just triggered a blunt
It looked like pyro
Only comments I see
Are the bad ones, yeah yeah
Only the playlists I like are the saddest
Yeah, I let the medicine in
I know it doesn’t help in the end
But I got depression again
I had a meeting at 7
I skipped it and slept in it
And woke up at 7 p.m.
I cut my hair like Britney
Sprinkle dust like a pixie
Wipe my nose like it itches
I’m tattooed, I don’t care, yeah

When I’m so high
When I’m so high
I just looked in the mirror
Who is this guy?
It’s the full moon
Where are the good mushrooms?
I’m too high
Looks like a good school
Higher than Jehovah
High with the skies, you know?
I will get arrested
I might need a driver
Lean into my soda
So I need a shoulder
Why did you look up?
I smell the Guns N’ Roses

Machine Gun Kelly, “Ay!” Musical clip

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Willow, “Ay!” / “Maybe” / “Emo Girl” – Live On Corden

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