Mamata Banerjee trains guns at the Center Against Inflation

Kolkata, May 5 (IANS): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Union government over rising commodity prices.

“Ordinary people are being denied the means to make ends meet as the Union government raises commodity prices. The series of car fuel and cooking gas price hikes have made people’s lives miserable. Now the Union Government is even raising the prices of life-saving drugs used in the treatment of cancer, which have been increased twice in the recent past,” she said at an event for distributing checks under “Lokkhir Bhandar”, a state government scheme under which all women in the state in the age bracket of 25 to 50 years are eligible for a monthly payment ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.

Speaking on the occasion, she said that some of the media and the opposition are exaggerating some errant incidents of violence and atrocities against women.

“This is not Uttar Pradesh. It’s Bengal. We do what we say, while others don’t keep their promises. If a rape victim goes to file a complaint, she is raped again. verification of their political affiliations. In the recent past, many people associated with the Trinamool Congress have been arrested,” the Chief Minister said.

Banerjee also subtly criticized Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is currently on a two-day visit to the state, for the latter’s earlier comment that one can be murdered if he surrenders. in West Bengal.

“I feel hurt when someone says you might be killed in Bengal. The law and order situation in West Bengal is much better than in other states. There is no reason to think that Bengal is weak. Here we move with people of all religions,” the Prime Minister said.