Massachusetts woman sentenced to prison for drug and gun trafficking

A 32-year-old woman from western Massachusetts will spend time behind bars, according to the justice department(DOJ) in Boston on Wednesday. The time spent in prison? 86 months. It’s a little over 7 years.

And what crimes is she serving a sentence for? Excellent question. Drug trafficking, firearms and money laundering. Yes, she has been busy. According to the DOJ, Nia Dinzey was sentenced on Monday, October 3, by U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young.

Nia Dinzey, aka “Nia Moore-Bush”, was apparently part of a large-scale drug smuggling operation that transported and distributed drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine, across the West End of the United States. Bay State and Vermont.

Dinzey was arrested and charged in January 2018 and also charged in a superseding indictment in December of that year along with other known members and associates of a Springfield-based drug trafficking organization.

Again, according to the DOJ, Dinzey and her husband, Dinelson Dinzey, obtained narcotics in the Springfield area, brought them to Vermont themselves or through other couriers, and distributed the heroin and cocaine in Barre area, Vermont.

The pair then conspired to launder the proceeds of the drug sale through bank accounts held by a co-defendant in trust for Nia Dinzey. The drug trafficking organization would take the money from their drug sales in Vermont and deposit the money in the accounts.

Dinzey, and possibly others, would withdraw the funds from the Massachusetts accounts to get the proceeds. Additionally, the Dinzeys and others conspired to traffic unlicensed firearms and a gun sale on May 5, 2017.

United States District Attorney Rachael S. Rollins said this about the case:

The trafficking of drugs and guns on our streets fuels violence, trauma and chaos in our neighborhoods… Ms. Dinzey and her co-conspirators have jeopardized the protection, health and safety of our communities and she will now have many years to focus on improving herself and finding better alternatives to crime.

In addition to her 86-month prison sentence, Dinzey was also sentenced to 4 years of probation. For more on the story, please visit the Boston Department of Justice website here.

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