Matrix Resurrections will be funnier than the original trilogy, Star teases


Matrix Resurrections star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II teases that the long-awaited sequel is funnier than the original Matrix films.

Matrix resurrections Star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II says the new movie is funnier than the original trilogy. Abdul-Mateen plays Morpheus in highly anticipated new Matrix sequel, replacing original trilogy star Laurence Fishburne.

The absence of Fishburne from the new Matrix The film did indeed surprise many fans, but the Morpheus actor is not the only key contributor to the first trilogy who is no longer here. Lana Wachowski is of course back to lead the fourth Matrix film, but she is without her co-director Lilly Wachowski. Original Matrix Trilogy villain Hugo Weaving is also gone, but Jonathan Groff is now on board as a replacement for Weaving’s Agent Smith (who can be Agent Smith himself or a brand new character who serves the same purpose. ).

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According to Matrix resurrections‘Morpheus Abdul-Mateen, there’s another new wrinkle in store for fans when the long-awaited sequel hits theaters. In the recent article by Abdul-Mateen GQ Profile, it was mentioned that the new movie looks funnier than the original movies, and the Morpheus actor has confirmed it was intentional. “I hope“he said when discussing whether audiences would find the new film humorous, adding”Tonally, it’s a little different. “

Matrix Resurrections Morpheus

Humor, of course, wasn’t a big part of the equation in the original. Matrix movie theater. Indeed, we can say that the consequences The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions suffered greatly by becoming too self-absorbed as the Wachowskis tried to explore increasingly heavy philosophical ground. Of course, that doesn’t mean the original films were entirely humorless here and there. The character of Agent Smith played by Weaving could certainly be funny in his completely smug villainy, something Weaving played with a certain amount of relish. Some would also say there was comedy inherent in Keanu Reeves’ very serious performance as Neo – although that comedy wasn’t necessarily intentional. Joe Pantoliano also provided a bit of humor in the first film as Cypher, as his on-screen sage character is always automatically a little funny.

But what Abdul-Mateen suggests is that Matrix resurrections goes beyond having a few wits of humor and outright attempts to be a funnier movie than the original movies. On the one hand, this could be seen as a necessary heading correction after the original Matrix the consequences have gone much too far in the sense of self-seriousness. On the other hand, one could argue that open humor does not really have a place in the Matrix universe. It remains to be seen exactly how Matrix resurrections mixes things up on the tone of older films, but previews that have already been given of the film via trailers suggest that it doesn’t stray too far from the originals visually, and it certainly covers much of the same ground. theme that made the first Matrix so fascinating trilogy for so many people. Too much broad and silly humor would definitely be a mistake, but just the right amount of comedic relief might be the perfect thing to bring the movie back to life. Matrix franchise.

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Source: GQ

  • Matrix resurrections (2021)Release Date: December 22, 2021

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