Matthew McConaughey calls for action against guns after Uvalde shooting

Actor Matthew McConaughey has called for stricter gun control in the United States after a mass shooting in his hometown of Uvalde. It comes as 19 students and two teachers were shot dead by gunman Salvador Ramos last month.

Now the 52-year-old has taken center stage in the White House to call on Congress to ‘reach a higher level’ and pass gun control legislation in honor of those killed. . In a highly personal 22-minute speech, McConaughey urged a stalled Congress to pass gun reforms that can save lives without violating Second Amendment rights.

McConaughey has used his star power to advocate for legislation in a way the Biden administration has been unable to. He offered a clear connection to the small Texas town and provided startling details of the outright loss of all 19 children and two teachers in the second-worst mass school shooting in US history. .

“We want safe and secure schools and we want gun laws that won’t make it so easy for the bad guys to get these fucking guns,” McConaughey said. McConaughey, who earlier this year considered running for governor of Texas before letting go, met briefly with President Joe Biden before addressing the White House press corps from the James Brady briefing room.

McConaughey, who declined to answer questions, spoke of learning to be a responsible gun owner as a youth in Uvalde. He said he and his wife returned to Uvalde the day after the shooting and spent time with the families of some of the victims and others directly affected by the rampage.

A Texas State Trooper receives flowers for the victims of a mass shooting yesterday at Robb Elementary School where 21 people were killed

He said every parent he spoke to expressed that “they want their children’s dreams to continue.” “They want their loss of life to matter,” McConaughey said.

It told the personal stories of a number of victims, displaying one girl’s artwork and the designer green tennis shoes worn by another. McConaughey acknowledged that gun legislation would not end mass shootings, but suggested steps could be taken to reduce the chances of such tragedies occurring so frequently.

“We need to invest in mental health care. We need safer schools. We need to limit sensational media coverage. We need to restore our family values. We need to restore our American values ​​and we need responsible gun ownership,” McConaughey said.

“Is it a panacea? Hell no, but people are hurting.