Maverick star Lewis Pullman says the film has heart, humor and excitement – ​​Deltaplex News

After being delayed for several years, Top Gun: Maverick opens nationwide on Friday, and the cast can’t wait for it to finally release.

“I think what this movie does is it puts you in the cockpit so you really feel as close as possible to what these Top Gun pilots are really doing,” Lewis Pullmannwho plays one of the elite fighter pilots, ABC Audio tells.

“And he has a heart. He has a sense of humour. There is excitement. It has all the elements that I think a blockbuster movie should have,” he adds.

Sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets, Pullman reveals that they didn’t use green screen when piloting the planes.

“We sit in these cockpits and we actually fly in airplanes,” he says. “I think the Navy was very smart not to let the green pilots fly these million dollar machines…we didn’t have enough time to go through the training. And I think, you know, maybe insurance, but we’re in these cockpits and we’re pulling all these Gs.”

Speaking of training, Pullman says it was pretty intense but the most grueling part, preparing for a water rescue after ejecting from the plane, wasn’t even in the movie.

“Blindfolded, set up like a fake helicopter cockpit, plunged underwater, flipped over. And then you have to hold your breath,” he explains. “It’s the most disorienting and disconcerting experience.”

Although Pullman never questioned the formation, which Tom Cruise designed, he admits, “…there are times in your mind where you’re like, ‘What would a green screen look like?’ But then you watch the movie and you’re like, thank God, man.

Top Gun: Maverick arrives in theaters Friday, May 27.

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