New wave of dating apps emphasize humor, personality

Over the past decade, swiping apps like Tinder have dominated the dating app world. They focus on physical appearance, with the user swiping right if they’re attracted to someone’s photo and left if they’re not. While looks are still important to so many people looking for love, it seems the focus is even more on humor, personality, and videos (as opposed to photos).

“They are the future of dating because they approach dating from a whole new angle,” said Imad Jbara, lead coach at NYC Wingwoman, a Manhattan-based dating service. “It’s still a bit physical, but it adds a bit more life in terms of a sense of humor, what your activities are, what your hobbies are, and just kind of really understanding what you like about an individual.”

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Jbara thinks a lot of people looking to date, especially those in Gen Z, view Tinder as obsolete. Now it’s all about apps like Snack, which is video-based and described as “TikTok meets Tinder”, Iris, which uses an algorithm to quickly narrow down your physical preference in a much shorter time frame than Tinder, and Schmooze, which is all about humor and connection through the shared love of memes.

“Gen Z is the biggest generation, using memes for everything from expressing their thoughts to communicating with each other or whether it’s frustration or agitation against someone in the world. power,” said Schmooze founder and CEO Vidya Madhavan. “They put everything they used in memes.”

Madhavan said Schmooze is all about laughing at the way you love, which daters could probably use a lot more these days.