Nick Kyrgios says he felt intimidated the first time he saw “the GOAT” Roger Federer, calls him “a nice guy with a great sense of humor”


Nick Kyrgios called Roger Federer “the GOAT” when asked about the Swiss in a recent question-and-answer session on his Instagram account. The Australian added that he felt intimidated by Federer when he first met him and the 40-year-old has a unique aura.

“(He’s) the GOAT,” Kyrgios said. “I was intimidated the first time I saw him and after that he always continued to have the aura that no other player has.”

Nick Kyrgios also made mention of Roger Federer’s outgoing and pleasant personality, calling him a “friendly” guy.

“He’s a great, likeable guy with a great sense of humor,” Kyrgios said.

Interestingly, Roger Federer is 6-1 against Nick Kyrgios. The 26-year-old won his very first meeting, at the 2015 Madrid Masters, but has remained winless since then.

On an unrelated note, Nick Kyrgios also said during the Instagram session that he would like to “play hide and seek” with Novak Djokovic if they were trapped together on a desert island. Kyrgios has often targeted Djokovic in the past, especially in reference to his 2-0 lead over the Serbian.

The former world number 13 was also asked who he said was his toughest opponent, to which he replied “Murray / Nishkori”.

Kyrgios has faced Murray six times, with the Briton winning in the first five meetings. But the Australian won his last game, at Queen’s in 2018.

Meanwhile, Nishikori is undefeated 4-0 against Kyrgios.

The 2014 Wimbledon quarter-finalist also revealed that he has broken more than 300 rackets in his life so far. Known as a talented but brash player, Kyrgios has a reputation for breaking his rackets in frustration. He has been fined numerous times and has also been suspended for his antics on the pitch in the past.

“Motivation is an everyday struggle” – Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios at the 2020 ATP Cup
Nick Kyrgios at the 2020 ATP Cup

Nick Kyrgios then spoke about his constant struggle to stay motivated, something that has plagued much of his career.

“It’s (the motivation) a day-to-day battle,” Kyrgios said. “I don’t plan ahead, I take it day by day.”

The Australian specifically mentioned his mental health issues last year, saying he was “out of control” and in “a lonely and dark place”. Speaking about his anxiety issues, Kyrgios revealed that he is “still learning to deal with it,” while adding that he leans on his family and friends to avoid negativity from strangers.

Professionally, the Canberra local has visibly struggled with his form for a long time now. Kyrgios is on the verge of breaking out of the top 100, which is currently ranked 97th.

The Australian has retired for the remainder of the season after falling to world number 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Laver Cup in Boston last month.

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