Night hunting, illegal deer harvesting:

The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following activity:


Officer Ramos was on patrol targeting night hunting violations. He observed a truck drive past him and intermittently shine a spotlight on fields and areas known to be home to deer. After seeing the truck shine in various places, Officer Ramos conducted a traffic stop and identified the three people inside. The occupants said they had just hunted deer and were in possession of a rifle with ammunition. The passenger shining a light has been confirmed to have an active warrant out of Santa Rosa County. Officers Allgood and Long arrived and assisted in the investigation and the collection of evidence. The man with the warrant was arrested and transported to the county jail. He was also charged with attempting to take a deer with a firearm and being in possession of a concealed weapon without a permit.

Missouri Department of Conservation officers contacted FWC officers about a hunter who illegally harvested multiple deer and was returning home to Escambia County. Officer McHenry and Pettey were able to contact the subject and found him in possession of the three illegally harvested deer in Missouri. Officers also discovered that the individual brought the deer heads across state lines that did not meet the requirements of chronic wasting disease (CWD) laws. The subject was cited for the offenses and the deer were seized.

Officer Allgood checked a hunter in Cantonment and found him in possession of a freshly cleaned deer. The hunter claimed it was a legal four-pointer but had no sexual evidence to back it up. The hunter also failed to register the deer on Harvest Report. Officer Allgood followed the hunter to where he cleaned the deer and discovered that the antlers were not the legal size. The hunter was cited for the offence.

Area officers responded to the Pensacola Beach area in search of a missing boater. The boater left the beach in a kayak and was carried into the gulf by the currents. After two hours, FWC was informed of his disappearance. Pilot FWC Tolbert was able to locate the missing boater six miles offshore. Officer Tolbert relayed the boater’s location to FWC Officers Mr. Cushing and Mr. Land, and Coast Guard units searching. The boater was rescued unharmed.

While working on patrol reporting nighttime hunting activity, Specialist Officer Cushing observed someone shining a light from a vehicle in an area with large numbers of deer. Officer Cushing stopped the vehicle and discovered that the two occupants were in possession of two loaded guns. After questioning the two subjects, they admitted to attempting to take deer at night. Constable Cushing issued subpoenas to both individuals and seized the weapons involved.

Constable Allgood was on patrol and checked a hunter who was in possession of two freshly groomed deer. The hunter had no sex identification attached to the deer and did not properly register the deer on Harvest Report. Agent Allgood asked to see the deer remains. The hunter took Constable Allgood to where he had dumped the deer carcasses. Both stags were hinds, which by the time they were harvested the season was closed. Officer Allgood issued a subpoena to the hunter and grabbed his weapon. The deer meat was seized and then donated to a local charity.

Officer Allgood was on patrol and checked a hunter leaving a private hunting ground. He found him in possession of a freshly cleaned deer. The hunter had no sexual identification with the deer, but claimed it was a male. Officer Allgood asked to see the deer’s horns, but the hunter claimed he could not remember where he dumped the carcass. After questioning the hunter further and searching a wide area for an extended period, he admitted to killing a doe deer. Officer Allgood informed the hunter that it was doe weekend, allowing a hunter to harvest the doe on private land. After inspecting the doe’s carcass, Officer Allgood issued the hunter a citation for not having the proper gender identification attached to a deer carcass and for not recording the harvested deer.

Officer Allgood and Manning were on patrol and working together near the state line to check on fighters. They found two hunters in possession of deer harvested in Alabama. Officers discovered that the meat from the two deer was not deboned as it should be due to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Deer were also not checked or registered as required in Alabama. Officers Allgood and Manning contacted an Alabama conservation officer and informed him of the violations. After receiving warnings for the import violations, the two hunters agreed to return to Alabama to properly debone the meat and meet with the Alabama Conservation Officer. The two hunters were cited in Alabama for failing to properly label the deer they harvested


While on patrol Constable Mullins was informed that four shots had been fired near a field. Two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were observed fleeing the area. Officer Mullins and Santa Rosa County deputies searched the area. Officer Mullins received further information that the same two ATVs returned, flashed and drove into a farm field. Officer Mullins caught up with the shining ATVs and searched for a deer they had previously shot. Constable Mullins arrested and detained three subjects on a side-by-side ATV, while a Sheriff’s Deputy assisted in recovering an ATV and a subject who was hiding in the woods. A loaded 9mm handgun was discovered at the scene – the gun was thrown by the subjects to conceal it. All four subjects were found to be glowing deer with the intention of shooting a deer. While brilliant, they took turns driving the two ATVs and one subject shot four times at a deer standing near the road. The subjects were raped and issued misdemeanor citations to appear in court for night hunting and shooting from a county road. The handgun, ammunition and a light were seized.

After the initial stop, Officer Hutchinson and K-9 Zara searched the area for additional evidence. The K-9 Zara located a live 9mm cartridge and four spent 9mm casings along the road where the subjects were hunting at night. No deer or blood were found at the scene. Additional charges are pending in the case.

Lt. D. Berryman and Officer R. Bower were conducting a permit and game checkpoint in the Blackwater Wildlife Management Area (WMA), when they encountered two subjects exiting the area. During the inspection, blood was observed in the truck bed. A brief investigation revealed that the subjects had shot a doe in the WMA the day before, loaded it up, and brought it home to be cleaned. Officers recovered the remains of a doe that had been dumped in the woods and recovered the meat from one of the subjects’ homes. The two subjects were charged with taking and possessing antlerless deer without a restricted hunting licence. Both subjects also received warnings for failure to file a harvest report, littering, and possession of alcohol by persons under the age of 21.