Northland Hunting and Gun Safety Recalls

DULUTH, Minnesota — Whether you’ve been hunting with a gun for 30 years or this is your first time in the field, everyone can use tips and reminders to ensure a safe hunt.

Hunting has been a longstanding tradition for many people in the north of the country, but before you get your shot this season, it’s important to hunt safely and take precautions.

It’s about harvest time for gun hunters.

From next Thursday, the season of firearms and dear without wood for young people begins.

“We are entering the time of year when almost all of our hunting seasons take place. So you have to keep your mind in shape and make sure you are paying attention. We have no room for error when it comes to firearms, so we’re always focused on safety,” said Conservation Officer Kipp Duncan.

Duncan went on to say that hunters should treat every firearm if it’s loaded – handle it with care and always identify your target before you put your finger on the trigger.

“Part of this hunt includes advance planning before the hunt, safety should be the number one priority. Know what your target is and certainly know what is beyond your target.

During the interview, Officer Duncan dressed in fiery orange – representing Minnesota’s hunting attire law, which requires all gun hunters to wear bright orange or pink in the field.

“The reason is we want to be visible and we want people to see what’s in the woods, what’s in the background, and just make sure people are safe.”

While hunting it is also important to know where you can and cannot be.

Duncan says one of the department’s main complaints is about trespassing.

“Trespassing is pretty straightforward in Minnesota, if you’re on property you don’t own, you should probably ask permission before you go there.”

You could see a hefty fine if caught hunting in private quarters.

A reminder for people outdoors on public property throughout hunting seasons; there will be hunters around, and Duncan encourages you to consider wearing fiery orange for your own safety.