NRC announces other candidates ‘on the radar’ for Young Guns program

NRC announces other candidates ‘on the radar’ for Young Guns program
WASHINGTON – The NRCC today announced seven additional “On the Radar” candidates under the Youngs Guns program. The program, led by Chief McCarthy, helps equip Republican candidates across the country with the tools they need to run winning campaigns.

“Across the country, Americans are struggling to cope with rising costs, violent crime and an unsecured southern border,” Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said. “Republicans are ready to take back the House and these talented candidates will help America end the Democratic leadership failure.”

The Young Guns program is divided into three levels containing benchmarks a candidate must achieve to progress through the program. Candidates who achieve full Young Guns status have successfully worked with the NRCC and fulfilled the conditions that pave the way to victory on Election Day.

In 2020, 25 Young Guns were elected to Congress. Since its inception, the Young Guns program has helped elect more than 150 members of Congress.

You can check out the Young Guns website by clicking HERE. You can visit the “On the Radar” website by clicking on HERE.

The list of newly added “On the Radar” contestants is as follows:

(CT-02) Mike France

(MD-06) Neil Parrott

(NJ-05) Franck Palotta

(NJ-11) Paul DeGroot

(NM-01) Michelle Garcia Holmes

(NY-25) La’Ron Singletary

(PA-05) David Galluch

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Washington, D.C. 20003
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