On Your Marks, Aim, Shoot – Modern Deer Hunting Season Opens Saturday | Outside

Arkansas’ modern deer hunting season begins Saturday morning and ends December 18.

After a short break, the Christmas hunt will take place from December 26 to 28.

Deer archery season continues until February 28.

Columbia County and most of the surrounding area of ​​southern Arkansas is in Deer Zone 12.

For parties outside of the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone, the limit is five deer (no more than two deer), which may include:

— Two dollars with archery, muzzle-loading or modern pistol,

— Five hinds at archery,

— Five hinds with combined muzzleloader and modern pistol.

For portions within the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Area (Ashley, Bradley, and Union counties), the limit is five deer, no more than two antler bucks, which may include

— Two antler deer with archery, muzzleloader or modern rifle,

— Five without wood with archery,

— Five woodless with combined muzzle loader and modern pistol.

Dogs allowed for deer hunting during modern gun season.

Outside of the chronic wasting disease management area, legal bucks must be button bucks or have at least three spikes on one side of their support. Within the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone, there are no restrictions on deer antlers.

Button dollars count against a hunter’s dollar limit outside the chronic wasting disease management zone and do not count against a hunter’s bag limit inside. chronic wasting disease management area.

CWD regulations apply in Ashley, Bradley, and Union counties.

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