Parents call on DOE to step up security after guns seized from Bronx and Brooklyn schools


Three guns at three different schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn were seized on Wednesday, bringing the number to a total of five guns seized in two days. Now, parents are asking the Ministry of Education to step up their efforts in terms of safety.

Parents told News 12 they received an email from school officials Herman Ridder on Thursday informing them that the entire campus was locked in the morning, due to a student with a gun.

In an email provided to News 12 by concerned parents, school officials said police responded to the school Thursday morning and she was quarantined for 20 minutes.

School officials told News 12 the gun was immediately confiscated and no one was injured.

The New York City School Safety Coalition told News 12 that a loaded gun was found by school safety officials and another gun was seized from Van Buren High School in Queens on Thursday.

The Education Department issued a statement saying, “Weapons of any kind have absolutely no place in our schools, and our exceptional school security officers quickly and safely retrieved these items from screenings, ensuring the safety of all students and staff. All protocols have been followed and we are working closely with the NYPD regarding follow-up actions. “

The New York City School Safety Coalition told News 12 it plans to meet with concerned parents at 12:30 p.m. on Friday outside the New Roots Community Farm to urge the city to find solutions and prevent guns from entering them. schools.

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