Procedural horror game Golden Light takes dark humor down a level in hell

Not everyone appreciates dark humor. Some people are genuinely offended by this, and others walk away feeling “hurt” that people would dare to make jokes that lean towards the dark side…

For some, however, dark humor is the only way to survive dark times by taking them lightly and seeing the positive in something almost completely negative.

Eyeballs in the human intestine… EWE! Image by ‘Golden Light.’

“Golden Light” takes players to the depths of the human gut to fight every horror imaginable in a battle to save a loved one. Of course, this particular human gut is unlike any other, with supernatural beings and ghosts being regular visitors to this hellish void.

A few key features of “Golden Light” are that it is a roguelike game with procedural levels, random weapons, and procedural gut ghosts that haunt their human host. Procedural like getting progressively scarier, more horrifying and utterly disgusting…

A talking bike. Image by ‘Golden Light.’

Along with weird gut ghosts and other rather nasty encounters like a talking man in the toilet and talking bikes, there are some incredibly weird items that can be eaten or thrown in the game. Among these are a bat head, big lips and a fish head. As if that weren’t enough, there are also corrupted fetuses and meat apples… Ewww!

The journey through the gut to victory is anything but pleasant, with horror and disgust lurking around every turn. As an added insult to injury, the game is designed to make a huge joke out of the whole experience. Nothing like a little dark humor…

‘Golden Light’ is developed by ‘Mr. Pink”, and is proving to be incredibly popular on Steam.