Protect historic homes on Vamo Drive, AR-15 for hunting

Protect, Preserve Homes on Vamo Drive

Why are Sarasota County Commissioners dragging their feet to protect more than two centuries of historic structures on Vamo Drive?

I encourage each of them to go down Vamo Drive. There, in a quiet park, is Vamo Lodge, built in 1900, and a Mediterranean house from the 1920s.

Both deserve nominations for Sarasota County and the National Register of Historic Places, for being protected from demolition and revived for use now and for future generations.

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Now is the time to make this a reality before the Mediterranean house is sold by the county.

There are other homes from the 1920s and 1930s lining the street, and residents want county commissioners to make a historic register. If not now when?

Nancy DeForge, Nokomis

Accept the players’ offer to return to Downtown

As a theater buff, I really miss having The Players downtown, and I wasn’t a fan of their plan to build a new performing arts center east of Interstate 75.

The theater has been a staple of the downtown Sarasota landscape for nine decades and that’s where it belongs.

Now that the Lakewood Ranch relocation project has been scrapped, the Players Center has proposed to take over Sarasota’s underutilized historic city auditorium and turn it into a state-of-the-art performing arts center.

In addition to housing theater productions, the center would be available for use by other organizations.

In exchange for a 30-year lease, the Players are willing to invest between $6 million and $9 million to restore the Art Deco building into a versatile performing arts gem that will enhance the downtown arts scene. It’s obvious, and I hope the city of Sarasota will accept the players’ proposal.

Dan M. Warren, Sarasota

DeSantis intimidates, threatens to get what he wants

When will the people of Florida decide that intimidation and threats from Governor Ron DeSantis are enough?

DeSantis blocked funding for a Tampa Bay Rays training facility because the team spoke out against gun violence. He threatened Special Olympics with a $27.5 million fine if he made COVID vaccinations mandatory at the Games.

Since the governor doesn’t have any children with special needs or medical conditions, that’s not a problem for him — and it’s apparently not important to him to protect children either.

It is amazing that no one speaks out against a governor who demands full compliance with his demands or face the consequences.

Intimidation and the threat of submission are not “freedom” as DeSantis would have you believe.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got! Think about that the next time you vote for governor.

And think about “freedom” and what the word really means to the people of the United States, not Ron DeSantis’ version of freedom, which is actually fascism.

Rainer O. Hentschel, Lakewood Ranch

Focus on the crime, not the AR-15 shotgun

There’s a quote that says, “I’m patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it.”

For protesters talking about AR-15 rifles, I would suggest they take a minute to google them.

AR does not mean assault rifle or automatic rifle. It’s not a machine gun. He is a hunting rifle. It is available with low caliber .22LR ammunition, which is used for small game hunting.

It’s a semi-automatic weapon. You have to pull the trigger with each shot, unlike a machine gun.

The rifle was developed in the 1950s by ArmaLite. Hence its name, AR-15. Later it was purchased by Colt. At one time, you could buy it from a Sears catalog.

This gun is often the choice of parents who want to introduce their teenage children to a hunting rifle or a target rifle, due to its light weight and low recoil.

So the problem is not the AR-15 – the problem is that crime is out of control and many shootings involve criminals or people with mental health issues.

Instead of focusing on guns, perhaps the Biden administration should look at the root causes of gun violence. Until he gets crime under control, Americans will continue to buy guns for their own protection.

Eric Butzlaff, Osprey

Americans suffer from the love of guns

America is a sick country. This may always have been the case.

A people sick with the love of arms. A love born of fear of their enslaved and subjugated.

Rooted in the hate that fear causes. Fear of the Other, fear of invasion by Other Others.

The love of firearms, by a lost people blinded by the myths of past glories and present innocence.

Justified by a misinterpreted amendment.

Advanced by the power hungry and the greedy.

Encouraged by purveyors of weapons of death.

And pushed by those who, according to the poet Amanda Gorman, “would break our nation rather than divide it”.

Robert J. Catineau, Sarasota